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How Hybrid Application Development is the best for Mobile Apps

Posted by HTMLPanda

Mobile Apps have become the most useful tool for today’s user. Without mobile apps, the smartphones are not smarter. Nowadays, there is a versatile range of smartphones on the basis of different platforms, screen sizes as well as native feature. Hence, developing the mobile app that fits every approach is not easy. While developing mobile apps, developer has 3 options:

  • Native Mobile Apps: These are based on a particular platform, thus cannot run on more than one platform, such as the Android based app cannot run on iOS, so there is need of re-coding for iOS platform.
  • HTML5 Apps: The website apps or HTML5 app run on the mobile browser. These apps are not native-friendly, i.e. They cannot utilize the functionality of native features, such as camera, notification and many more.
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps: The Hybrid mobile apps are a mix of the above two application types. It means the hybrid apps are partially Native and partially HTML5. Thus, a hybrid app is cross-platform, Native-friendly and functional-rich application.

Hybrid application development offers the new way for developer to build application that can give the unparalleled experience in a cost-effective manner. There are other beneficial aspects of Hybrid application development that really amaze you and give the bright opportunities in developing something new for your users.

Let’s have a Glimpse Over Hybrid Application Development Features

Consistent User Experience (UX)

Different browsers on different phones give different looks of the same HTML5 or website app. That is not good for user-experience. In contrast to HTML5 app, building hybrid app mean users will experience the functionality of their specific mobile devices, while running an app. Hybrid Apps can be easily updated and distributed for all the platforms this enhances the UX for every user. Secondly, even though the users tweak their mobile platforms, they will still experience the consistent UX.

Highly Native

Hybrid mobile apps are coded with the help of HTML5, CSS and other major web technologies that run inside the native containers and utilize device browser’s engine, that means hybrid app works smoothly with GPS, cameras, messaging as well as other devices. Thus, developer can provide the best service to users.

Good Speed

Undoubtedly, hybrid app is not faster than native app, but it is faster than a mobile web app because it does not require any continuous network support. If the app does not require any large graphics, it can be compared with native app too.

Easily Available

Hybrid Apps can be easily marketed to the specific audience. Nowadays, there are various app stores available in the market, where developer can publish their apps and market it on the basis of the audience choice and different pricing.

Run in Offline Mode

Similar to native app, hybrid mobile app utilizes mobile’s API to keep data offline. That sums up to be the biggest advantage for customers, who have poor internet connectivity .


Hopefully, you are now aware of how hybrid application development accounts to ensure the great mobile application for users. Although Hybrid application development takes a lot of time of development, it is very cost-effective method. If you have any confusion or you want to share knowledge regarding Hybrid Application, then you can share your views through the comment section given below.

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