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jQTouch Application Development: Perceive Technical Insight on the Features

jQuery Touch Application Development
Posted by HTMLPanda

jQT or ‘jQTouch’ is an Open Source Zepto/jQuery plug-in that supports easy coding for native fluid, like animations, automatic navigation, and functional themes for mobile WebKit browsers, including iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre. This framework arms programmers to build mobile applications having a native look and feeling for the target device with the help of major web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In the simple words, jQTouch is an open source WebKit JavaScript framework that ensures the most interactive, effective and bespoke mobile web development.

In today’s scenario, around 30 to 40 percent of the world’s population owns smartphone. And, it is evaluated that around 80% of mobile users are utilizing the internet at their smartphones. This figure is believed to be double gradually. Thus, business enterprises have started delivering the web application that can work on every smartphone. Various frameworks and plug-ins have been released in the market that can help application development industry in building mobile application, configured with every trending features. The most imperative plug-in recently released is jQTouch. This is the powerful library that utilizes JavaScript functionality to endow fluid, like animation, great navigation and superb theme that can work on cross-platform, including iPhone, Palm Pre and Android.

jQTouch Application Development: Features

There are the lots of advanced features loaded with jQTouch that cannot only ensure the pleasing theme, but ease the developers’ task in coding the mobile application smoothly and at the faster pace. For more information, you can have a glance over the following features:

1. Support Advanced Animations

Developing application with jQtouch mobile framework will surly give fluid, like experience in animation at different platforms. With the help of this plug-in, developer can code navigation with animation and deliver the special experience to the users.

2. Ensure Touch Based Events

By using jQTouch, developer can bring live the touch based events, such as swiping finger across the screen to change the menu or screen.

3. Give the Best Orientation Support

The jQtouch library can also sense the screen, whether it is in landscape or portrait orientation. This will enhance the user experience about using application in a beautiful way.

4. Program Advanced Web Applications

Simple Clock Application, Management List, To-do list are some of the advanced applications that developer can integrate with the web applications.

5. Custom Themes of Pleasing Layout

This jQtouch library supports the millions of custom and inbuilt themes that can ensure the great design with superb user experience.

Advantages of jQTouch Application Development: Overview

  1. The application development by using jQTouch can help in bestowing responsive design, so that user interface can adapt automatically with the diverse touch devices, like iPhone, tablets and iPads.
  2. jQTouch Application Development ensures the application that can work with the mobile platforms, such as iOS SDK and Webkit application offline.
  3. jQTouch Application development enables to code highly interactive application with the great interface, so that user can enjoy interactivity.


Hopefully, you are now aware of the jQTouch Application development plug-in and its features. If you have any confusion or new idea about this blog, you can share your views through the comment section given below.

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