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jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch: Which One Is Better!

jQuery Mobile Or Sencha Touch
Posted by HTMLPanda

Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile are the robust mobile app development platforms. The proliferation of app demand has given birth to various app development platforms. Among them, Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile have become popular.

Both of these platforms have different features and hence, they can be used for different purposes. Therefore, it will be better for the developers to be aware of important specifications. This makes the way easier for them to make the decision to choose the platform for their specific project. This blog presents the major differences in the features of these 2 platforms.

Lets have a glance over the features:

User Interface (UI) Features

Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile
Sencha Touch is completely JavaScript-driven. It uses MVC (Model View Controller) jQuery Mobile is HTML based platform
Integrated with SVG support that empowers the developers for programming the games with advanced theme It functions similar to Classic Web UI
Comes with UI widgets/elements, which enables the programmers for creating the native like interface The UI of this platform can be modified and extended with the help of CSS

Ease To Code

Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile
For coding native like application, use of the Sencha Touch platform is a good choice. This platform offers a collection of controls that make the coding simpler and faster This platform is code-driven. Hence, the developers need to code all the controls in the application or use the third party jQuery plugin
Moreover, developer can easily maintain the application Although it is easy to use, implementing the lots of JavaScripts file may hamper the performance of the application and make it difficult for developer to manage the application

Supported Platform

Platform Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile
Android Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Blackberry Yes Yes
Symbian No Yes
Windows Yes No
WebOS No Yes

Extensibility Support

Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile
Sencha Touch uses webkit browser. It works with ext.js (not an open source) There are various extensions available that improve the functionality
It does not support 3rd party plugin This platform can be used with responsive grid system, such as Twitter Bootstrap,


Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile
In jQuery Mobile, the programmers can create the themes with the help of online “themeroller” web application that offers superb interface for designing and loading custom theme This platform supports MVC, here developers should possess the advanced knowledge of JavaScript to create the design of the applications


In term of performance, jQuery Mobile gives faster response with each iteration. Sometime, it stutters due to some animations. Moreover, the jQuery library takes more loading time. On the other hand, Sencha Touch loads faster even it is having sliders and other animations.


Sencha Touch is suitable, when the developers are coding the complex hybrid application (native like application). jQuery Mobile is good for lightweight hybrid application and mobile web application. Hope that now you got the idea about where to use jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch. If you are having confusion or want to share the knowledge, you are welcome. Just write to us with the help of comment section given below.

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