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Exclusive New Year 2021 Offer: Get 12% Off on All Services

haapy new year offer - HTMLPanda
Posted by HTMLPanda

“When you decide to achieve, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal in the New Year 2021.”

So here we are. Stepping into the new year 2021 with a blast. The best time for new beginnings is now. Every year comes with a new change, a new opportunity, a new resolution, and a new dream. This new year, start your resolution with a new you and a new (revamped) online web presence.

We want you to make your dream of having a new and improved web presence that can bring loads of sales come true, and that’s why we have come up with an offer of 12% OFF on all our services. You can avail of this exclusive one-time season offer by using the coupon code NEWPanda. Use this coupon code in the comment section while getting in touch with us or you can use it in the order form as well.

This exclusive offer will only be valid till January 10th, 2021. So hurry up, grab this offer, and ring in 2021 with a new, more improved, and powerful web presence that your users can’t resist visiting and converting.

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