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Things to Consider Before Redesigning your Website

Top 9 Things to Consider Before You Redesign Your Website

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Are you thinking of redesigning your existing website and give it an impressive look that your visitors will love? Wait before you start. We have something for you! Here are some crucial things you need to keep in mind before you start redesigning your website. Check them out! Today’s people are way smarter and faster […]

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Top 7 Magento Extensions

Top 7 Useful Magento Extensions for Your Online Store [Updated List]

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Running an e-commerce store in today’s competitively-driven market is not easy at all. To make your online store work seamlessly and successfully, we have gathered the list of the top 10 best Magento extensions you should consider adding to your store today. Have you heard about one of the most popular e-commerce platforms worldwide that […]

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Why Custom Web Development Is The Best Approach For Businesses

Why Is Custom Web Development the Right Approach for Businesses?

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Are you thinking of starting a website to boost your digital presence but confused between custom web development vs website builders? Don’t be! This blog will tell you why custom web development is always the right and best choice for your business. In today’s day and age, every business (irrespective of size, type, and niche) […]

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Shopify Vs Magento

Shopify vs Magento: Which One Is the Absolute Best in 2021?

Posted by: HTMLPanda

What’s the best e-commerce platform for you? Is it Shopify or Magento? Selecting the best e-commerce platform between Shopify vs Magento is challenging but of critical importance. This post compares Magento vs Shopify and helps you decide which one can help you scale your e-commerce business in 2021 and even beyond. Whether you’re a startup […]

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Why Drupal - HTMLPanda

Top 9 Reasons Why Drupal Remains a Leading CMS in 2021

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Are you looking to have a successful website in 2021 and beyond? It would be best if you have a potent CMS like Drupal. In this blog, we have listed the top nine reasons why Drupal is the strongest option and will remain a forefront CMS on the market in 2021. The digital landscape is […]

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Optimize Magento 2 Website

How to Optimize Magento 2 Website for Improved Conversion Rates

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Are you a Magento 2 store owner and looking for ways to convert more visitors into paying customers? You need to pay attention to some critical elements. This blog discusses some proven tactics on how to optimize your Magento 2 website for higher conversions. Let’s admit this fact once and for all. A lot goes […]

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Shopify E-Commerce Website Development

All About Shopify E-Commerce Website Development

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Looking forward to establishing a persuasive Shopify-based e-commerce store and widen your business reach? This guide is what you need. Today’s blog covers everything you need to know about Shopify e-commerce development to run a successful e-commerce business. The e-commerce industry growth is manifested. The industry is growing rapidly worldwide as online shopping has become […]

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