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Web Application Development Security: Top 5 Best Practices

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Posted by HTMLPanda

The Web application development security particularly deals with websites, web applications, and web services security. It applies the various security levels or standards to the internet and web systems. Web application security provides quick access, more user-friendly interfaces to various businesses or enterprises. It allows seamless, fast access to critical business data to various business resources, users or remote users.

Unfortunately, web applications can be the big security threat to the organizations and businesses. Unauthorized users can enjoy these benefits by accessing critical business data. Therefore a company needs web application security to protect their sensitive data or information against hackers, malware or any other unauthorized access.

Why is web application development security important?

A website represents your business or brand and it gives a way to communicate with your potential customers. If the website is not secure and safe, then your business relations with your customers can be compromised. It can be attacked by hackers or malware in order to steal sensitive and valuable information about your customers or business. Hackers can get information like names, email addresses, credit or debit card data or any other transaction information. So, to protect your website or business against various security is essential and that reason web application development security is important for all the businesses or enterprises.

Following are some of the best practices to ensure web application development security:

Identify and fix vulnerabilities in web apps

It is essential to find out and fix vulnerabilities early on to protect your web applications from emerging security attacks. You should implement a strong security mechanism that considers the number of web applications, use of these applications, and updates the applications to find the vulnerabilities and fix them quickly. If these vulnerabilities are not fixed on time then it may cause business down, can create negative publicity, financial penalties, and the loss of people trust.
The vulnerabilities found in web apps which have sensitive customer data and financial transactions must be fixed quickly. One should implement vulnerability assessment and management program that provides solid web application development security.

Understand your apps and give priority to them

Sort your web applications according to their needs because without prioritizing, you may struggle to make any progress. You need to sort your web applications in such a way that which applications to focus first. One can sort it like normal, serious and critical.

Sensitive customer information will be in critical applications. These web applications should be managed on first priority, as these applications are most likely to be targeted by hackers. On second priority, tackle serious applications that contain internal or external information. Normal applications can be in a queue and resolved latterly.

Test your web apps in such a way that make the effective use of your resources and you can achieve progress more quickly.

Set up Secure Cookies

Another area which needs focus while addressing web application development security, to set up cookies securely. Many cyber attackers execute ransomware and malware attacks by utilizing cookie vulnerabilities. However, cookies are important for users and businesses because users can remember the previous site they visited with the help of cookies and it makes the future visits faster. You can block unauthorized access to cookies which can significantly increase the web application. Do not store sensitive and financial transactions information on cookies and if you want to store other information on cookies then save it in an encrypted format.

Secure connection

Make a secure connection between the user and your web application to prevent security attacks. You can implement HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP, as it is more secure and creates a secure connection between web servers and browsers. Moreover, With the use of secure communication protocols such as SSH or TSL, you will be able to stop cyber attackers from accessing and recording information between a web server and web applications. Hence, secure connection through specific robust protocols can bring you with more secure communication by increasing web application development security.

Keep the web server invulnerable

Your web application development security program must be strong and host the web applications in a safe server environment. To take benefits of security updates like firewall and daemons one should update the server to get the latest version of the operating system. Always host the web applications on an exclusive server. Use SSH key to prevent unauthorized user access and to interact with web server only through secured ports through firewalls. Also, install daemons to monitor login attempts and server logs. These are useful in web application development security as you can perform additional checks and prevent all unauthorized access to the server.


Putting the proper web application development security practices in place will make your web applications safer for everyone to use. However, the above-mentioned best practices can be taken into consideration to improve the security of your web applications.

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