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Why Titanium Application Development is the Best Option For Coding Native App!

Posted by HTMLPanda

Titanium application development service has eased the coding process of building world-class native application. Today, smartphone apps have become the requisite technology for many business purposes. At present, the mobile apps are playing the crucial role in every sector. Indeed, people have become dependent on the apps and want more out of it. As the cost of smart-featured mobile phone is getting down, more and more people are owning the smartphone. Therefore, the demand of application is increasing day by day.

To cater the demand, there is need of framework, which minimizes the coding time for developers, supports cross-platform functionality and is integrated with the important widgets. Therefore, Titanium framework is the best tool that covers all these features. Let’s flash a light on the overview and advantageous features of Titanium app development framework.

Overview: Titanium Application Development

Titanium framework is an open source platform, which is developed and distributed by Appcelerator. This framework allows the developer to create mobile application for different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, etc. This framework has been programmed with lots of amazing features that provide benefits to developers to code a superb native app at minimum cost.

Titanium Application Development: Advantageous Aspects

  • Supports JavaScript API:
    Titanium application development framework supports JavaScript API that allows the developer to program the interactive and functional app. This platform uses the MVC (Model View Controller) concept, which enables developers to code different elements of App without any hassle. Most of the developers know JavaScript, so it will be easier for them to learn and use this platform. Hence, they can make the app in a minimum time.
  • Comes With Multi-Platform Features:
    Titanium framework comes with a single SDK based on JavaScript, which enables developer to code a mobile app (native, hybrid & web) for different platforms, like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Therefore, there is a single code base for every application that is built on this platform.
  • Boasts Module Based Architecture:
    In Titanium apps development framework, developer can work on different modules in a parallel manner and this leads to reduce development time. Secondly, this concept makes the app more flexible, which results in easier upgrading according to the future requirement.
  • Implemented with Mobile Backend Service:
    This platform supports MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service), which helps programmers code the connected mobile apps. With the help of this feature, developer can select various functions, like status update, push notifications, social integration and many more. Moreover, this aspect makes the mobile app more interactive in every sector, such as business, gaming, entertainment, etc.


All these features in Titanium App development framework helps developer code the best of the best native app at minimum cost as well as time. There is a community of Titanium developers, where you can find lots of new widgets, modules and many more important entity. If you find any relevant information about the Titanium that should be shared here, then please write to us through the comment section given below, we will consider it.

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