PSD to Desktop Email Template

We offer √ cross-browser √ Pixel-perfect Desktop Email template that aids your business to reach across the desktop users by making your email marketing campaigns √ attractive √ interactive and √ user-oriented. Let us convert your PSD into lively newsletter email templates.

$145 $69 per template
$19 for each email service integration

PSD to Email Template Service

HTMLPanda takes the process of PSD to email template designing to the next level with its expertise and grasp on the technology. Immensely talented developers along with a proven methodology of email template creation offer PSD to email template conversion that spells pure magic for the users.

Email design template developer has the responsibility to create templates that convey the message across the intended audience in the most attractive and compelling manner and we are really good at it. Also, you can get the PSD design templates developed for a multitude of purposes like communicating with the clients, communicating with the colleagues and other employees, sending project proposals, and various others. HTMLPanda strives hard to create unmatched email newsletter designs and email marketing templates that meet the expectations and requirements of the clients precisely.

The Specialties of Our PSD to Email Template Conversion That Set Us Apart

  • Efficient PSD to desktop email template design conversion.
  • Lightweight and table-based coding resulting in better compatibility.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Strict quality testing and assurance.
  • Compatibility with all the major email clients.
  • Inline optimized CSS, thus providing better performance.
  • Complete adherence to the clients’ requirement.

Our Coveted Team Makes The Process of PSD to Email Design Templates Conversion a Breeze

We are blessed with a great team with exceptional talent and skills including HTML and CSS. The developers have unmatched command over email template designing and are always updated on the latest trends. Backed by this set of highly skilled and self-motivated developers, HTMLPanda’s position in the industry has sky-rocketed over the past 5 years. As of now, we have been able to cater more than 1000 clients from 70+ countries and the count is still on.

We Offer PSD Design Template Conversion Service Adorned With These Features

  • Table Based Layout

    Inline optimized CSS and tables are used for efficient positioning of layout in order to ensure increased performance supported by several email clients.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We provide rapid design service to ensure faster turnaround time of PSD design templates project so that it is delivered to the clients in the least possible time.

  • Inintegration with MailChimp

    We create MailChimp email templates to ensure that they are able to integrate with MailChimp email service as it is one of the most used email marketing solutions.

  • Clean and Bug-Free Code

    Our developers write code that is free from all the bugs and in compliance with the standard practices. This leads to better email templates.

  • 24x7 Support & Assistance

    There is no need of being worried about the project even after its completion as HTMLPanda provides free technical support and assistance for 60 days.

  • Adroit Developers

    We are backed by a team of developers equipped with comprehensive knowledge of email template design. Our developers are also aware of the latest trends.

  • Affordable Solutions

    We have priced our services quite competitively and our clients never feel any pinch considering the top-notch quality of the email template designs offered.

  • Inline Optimized CSS

    In order to create PSD to Email templates that are rendered well on the desktops, we use inline optimized CSS that makes our email marketing templates more accessible.

  • Compatible With Several Email Clients

    We perform PSD to email conversion in a manner that the templates are compatible with all major email clients like Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.

  • Truly Cross-Browser

    The PSD to HTML email templates that we develop are 100% cross-browser and pixel-perfect. They are supported by all the new generation browsers.

Our Diverse PSD to Email Template Design Conversion Services

  • √  PSD to Desktop Email Template
  • √  Email Template Conversion
  • √  MailChimp Email Integration
  • √  Email Newsletter Template Design
  • √  MailChimp Template Design
  • √  Email Marketing Template Design


The frequently asked questions have been compiled with great care and due diligence. They are aimed towards clarifying any doubt or question that may arise regarding jQuery application development services provided by us. However, if any of your doubts remains unanswered, you are free to contact us through your preferred communication channel.

How is your PSD to email template conversion more advantageous?

We use inline optimized CSS with table-based coding so that your email newsletter template has a widespread reach. Moreover, we guarantee complete client gratification with high-quality and affordable service.

Do you allow the clients to oversee the PSD to HTML email project’s progress?

Yes, we do. To keep complete transparency, we have provided options for the clients to oversee the progress of the project. They can do it using the project management system (PMS) or through any of their preferred communication channels.

Can you give an estimate of the cost to convert PSD to HTML email?

The cost of PSD to email template design conversion is not fixed as it depends on a range of factors. With HTMLPanda taking care of the email marketing template design, you can expect a highly cost-effective solution.

Do you provide support and assistance for PSD email template conversion?

Yes, we provide uninterrupted support and maintenance to our clients and the support is provided by the experts of PSD to email template conversion.

How much time should it take for PSD to HTML email template?

Email marketing templates created by us take much less time as compared to others; however, the exact time estimate cannot be determined as a lot of factors including specific requirements, email client integration, etc. need to be taken into consideration.

Do you code MailChimp template design?

Yes. Our developers are experts at building MailChimp email templates and MailChimp newsletter templates for our clients.

PSD to email templates ensure apps that your business enjoys a deeper reach and enhanced visibility. It is one of the most popular and effective options for your business to reach out to the prospective clients. Let us handle PSD to email template design conversion for you and rest assured of the best-in-class service. Get in touch with asap.

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