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    HTMLPanda understands today's changing e-commerce business needs, thus leveraging headless e-commerce platforms to offer the best-in-class online store.

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    IT Department

    With a goal-based methodology via a headless commerce approach, HTMLPanda creates a personalized and top-notch shopping experience for the IT Department.

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    We are uniformly shaping e-commerce business startups by driving innovation and creating a unified customer experience through headless commerce.

Headless Commerce Flexiblity

Headless Commerce For Greater Flexibility

The biggest advantage of headless commerce is that it gives you the flexibility to push content to multiple devices and platforms. With intuitive APIs integration, including voice, apps, wearables, cars, shopping, IoT, and more, HTMLPanda leverages the headless commerce solution to offer a flexible and consistent customer experience.

By integrating content, APIs, and commerce via headless commerce, we are stepping towards growth-driven innovation and creating seamless shopping experiences across all digital touchpoints.

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  • Flexible Front-end Development

    Taking full control of the front-end development without adhering to the rigid structures, thus creating new user experience without risking old ones.

  • Personalized Customer Experience

    Swiftly responding to customer behaviors and preferences across various touchpoints, thus serving convenient and personalized customer experience.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

    Gives the flexibility and adaptability to work on front-end and back-end code at the same time, thus creating a seamless experience.

  • Commercial delivery

    Flexible Products

    Give developers the flexibility to use the content from the back-end of a headless CMS and products stored in a headless commerce system.

Why Should You Care About Headless Commerce?

About Hedless Commerce

World’s Most Innovative Brands Using Headless Commerce

Benefits of Headless Commerce

Headless commerce is freeing the front-end from the back-end and easily connecting all the touchpoints through flexible APIs.

  • Speed and Agility

    Allows you to implement new UI more quickly and A/B testing new features without disturbing the back-end stability.

  • Seamless Integrations

    With API-driven systems, headless commerce integrates ERPs, CRMs, CMSes, marketing automation tools, and more seamlessly.

  • Better Conversion Optimization

    Headless commerce enables you to mix and match different approaches, integrations, templates, and more for conversion optimization.

  • True Omnichannel Experience

    Headless and omnichannel commerce allows you to connect your e-commerce business to various sales channels to sell/promote via digital signage.

  • Faster Market Time

    Since content or product can be shared via APIs with other channels, headless commerce allows you to go to market faster.

  • Stay Competitive and Adaptive

    Headless commerce enables you to make rapid changes and keeps you up with the latest technology, thus providing a competitive advantage.

Bill Walker

"HTMLPanda is the best agency we've worked with till date. They helped us with an incredible headless commerce-based e-commerce solution exactly the way we wanted. Now we’re delivering the best shopping experience to our customers that has significantly increased our sales. A huge thanks to the entire team!"

Bill Walker Director, Design & Strategy Wobm Networks

Want to Drive Maximum Sales with Headless Commerce?

If you're fed up with traditional commerce platforms and looking for a way to migrate to a headless solution, HTMLPanda is the right place! We combine our e-commerce strategic business understanding and expertise to deliver a successful headless commerce-based e-commerce solution.

Headless Commerce Platform


Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus

By leveraging the power of Shopify Plus, we build your brand with a headless commerce solution that prospers with all your business needs.


Headless Commerce with Magento

By deploying headless Magento's decoupled architecture, we deliver an amazing shopping experience to your customers and help you stand out.


Headless Commerce with Contentful

By fusing headless commerce solutions with Contentful, we are offering flexible and scalable e-commerce stores that increase sales.

Headless Commerce with WordPress

HTMLPanda leverages commerce's headless capabilities to build stunning e-commerce storefronts within the WordPress environment.

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