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JavaScript Application Development Service

JavaScript has become a substantial requirement of modern web development. HTMLPanda is an acclaimed JavaScript service provider as we have years of experience in building exceptional web applications for our esteemed clients from 80+ countries all around the world. Not only this, we also provide the biggest open-source JavaScript libraries utilized web development. JavaScript development is pertaining to be at the highest level at this time in case of building web applications.

A wide range of JavaScript development services are offered by us in affordable pricing options. Either you are starting up with a new project, or optimizing an existing web development application, HTMLPanda offers you several benefits. We assist you in providing your JavaScript development services in-budget and on-time by using our exceptional industry practices and proven methodologies. The task of building complex web applications is smoothened as it consists of large number of libraries.

HTMLPanda supports a large number of frameworks and libraries of JavaScript that are used to develop applications in order to bring better structure and organization in the projects.

Different JavaScript Frameworks

  • jQuery

    Used by the web developers in order to handle events, navigate HTML documents, perform animations and add AJAX interactions to web pages.

  • Backbone JS

    Supply structure to the heavy applications of the JavaScript.

  • UnderScore JS

    Which is useful in simplifying the working with few common data structures that are used in JavaScript.

  • Knockout JS

    Rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces are created.

  • Ractive JS

    Useful in solving various problems of web development such as data binding, event handling and efficient DOM updates.

  • Can JS

    The development of complex applications becomes easy and fast.

  • D3 JS

    Used for changing the documents, which are based on data.

  • Modernizr

    HTML5 and CSS3 features are detected in the user’s browser.

  • Sencha Ext JS

    Most effective desktop application development platform with superlative advanced MVC architecture, plug-in free charting, cross-browser compatibility, and modern UI widgets.

  • Angular JS

    Structural framework for dynamic web apps.

  • Meteor

    Useful in building high-quality web apps, within a fraction of time.

  • Batman JS

    Full stack micro-framework that accounts for template-less views, convention over configuration and high performance.

  • Ember JS

    Built to increase the productivity, the APIs of this framework helps in rapid accomplishment of your work.

  • Require JS

    JavaScript file and module loader that is optimized for in-browser use. This is useful in improving the speed and quality of the code.

  • Mustache JS

    Mustache is a logic-less syntax of the template, which can be used anywhere for source code, HTML and config files.

Overview of jQuery Services

jQuery is a strong library of JavaScript that is used by web developers to perform and manage several tasks with full ease. Our HTMLPanda team has assisted a large number of leading organizations to implement critical applications which are built around jQuery. Some of the points are given below, which explains the working of our organization. Our experts will assists you with:

  • In order to meet the complete requirements of your web development project, our designers will design your application.
  • Implementation of the best practices with the aim to improve web development performance.
  • Version migration, custom plug-in development, cross-browser verification and many more.

Not only jQuery, HTMLPanda has delivered several applications of different frameworks with JavaScript and other associated technologies. We have a group of talented team, who is known for providing cutting-edge JavaScript programming services to our clients’ and have acquired significant appreciation for their great work.

HTMLPanda is known for supplying its services in a defined time-frame at a reasonable price. Choose the package as per your convenience. For each and every service, you will have a focused attention of JavaScript development experts who will assist you in each and every query of your projects.

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