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5 Major Reasons To Use HTML5 For Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
Posted by HTMLPanda

HTML5 is the innovative and feature-rich tools for the creation of mobile and web applications. It plays a major role in the development of cross-platform mobile applications like Apache Cordova, Rhodes and so on. This platform offers great flexibility including UI, development, scripts, etc. It comes with syntactic features that include audio, video, canvas element. These features make it easier for developers to include multimedia and graphical content on the web app or web. It also eliminates the requirement of relying on API’s or plugins.

Acknowledged by all enterprises globally, HTML5 has been a top class choice for mobile app development that work irrespective of device size and screen resolution. These applications account for being highly business productive and user friendly, benefiting both the business owner and consumer.  

Given below are 5 most popular reasons which suggest the importance of designing mobile apps using HTML5:

1. Remotely Updated

HTML5 Mobile Apps require being updated for every mobile platform separately as compared to native or hybrid apps that demand to be updated for different operating systems and devices. The process of update in HTML5 is easy to go because app gets remotely updated on the server, preventing to run any manual update. HTML5 apps support centralized updates wherein anytime a user accesses the app via his/her browser, they will be able to view the latest version of an app. This will further eliminate the additional download requirements.

2. Involve the Use Of Mobile Device Features

The web standard technologies incorporated in designing mobile apps using HTML5 feature the modern range of capabilities like camera and GPS. This gives developers the flexibility to develop mobile apps around native features of modern devices.

3. Cross-platform Compatibility

HTML5-based mobile apps work on different Operating Systems such as Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone. For its advantage, a regular Mobile app designed using HTML5 can be executed from any system with a browser, and the application can also run in any server configuration. The same code runs everywhere. With the code written just once, HTML5 mobile apps offer a freedom of adaptability.


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4. Well Suited To Cater Present Day Marketing Needs

The emerging web industry is entirely mobile-centered and HTML5 mobile apps, being able to function on a range of devices, stand better, relatively cheap, and are being accepted by the users and industry, owing to a large number of features. HTML5 enabled mobile apps encompass next generation features and functionalities to improve user experience with your brand in the mobile browser environment.

5. Better Flexibility For Design Features

When designing HTML5 apps, developers will have all the freedom to code the way they want, use different frameworks, libraries, and tools, without compromising on the experience of users.

6. Rich web applications

These are the web apps that bridge the gap between browser and desktop. These applications communicate with the user’s local system to offer multi-device experience to the users. Technologies like Adobe flash and Silverlight have provided this functionality to developers to create engaging user experiences. This functionality comes in the form of plugins to extend the functionality of browser. HTML comes into the picture to store and retrieve files from user’s system. HTML5 makes it easier for web apps to access file from any browser that supports HTML5.

On combining this functionality with HTML5 canvas API’s, developers will be able to create vector-based graphics.

7. Rich media

HTML5 mobile app development offers native support for audio and video elements. With the use of HTML5, users no longer need to download a plugin in order to watch a YouTube video. Owing to the rich media support, HTML5 offers the availability of accessing content on an array of devices including the smartphone and tablet devices available in the market. Another important benefit is HTML5 embedded audio and video files.


Mobile app and HTML5 are two major hottest technologies right now. Web apps operate in mobile browsers and can also be further packaged as native apps on various mobile platforms. Owing to the availability of a wide range of platforms to support, along with the absolute power of mobile browsers, developers are directed towards HTML5. It is a “write once, run everywhere” solution. The above-mentioned are some compelling reasons to choose HTML5 mobile app development for your business.

With the passing time, HTML5 has considerably evolved utilizing modern technologies to design applications are which are cross- browser and cross- device compatible. The reasons discussed above are sufficient to make HTML5 a perfect pick for designing functionally rich, mobile-enabled website. Ease of use along with an extreme level of performance, when used proportionately, makes HTML5 mobile application development a process eventually leading to increased streamlined navigation and maximum user engagement.

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