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Shopify Vs Magento

Shopify vs Magento: Which One Is the Absolute Best in 2021?

Posted by: HTMLPanda

What’s the best e-commerce platform for you? Is it Shopify or Magento? Selecting the best e-commerce platform between Shopify vs Magento is challenging but of critical importance. This post compares Magento vs Shopify and helps you decide which one can help you scale your e-commerce business in 2021 and even beyond. Whether you’re a startup […]

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Hire a Dedicated HTML Email Development Team

Why Should Startups Hire a Dedicated HTML Email Development Team?

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Is your startup business looking to build effective and long-term relations with your customers via email? Look no further than the HTML email. This blog talks about why startups should hire a dedicated HTML development company to succeed. The email network is vast and exponentially expanding. According to Statista, around 294 billion emails were sent […]

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Best practices for Shopify Speed Optimization

10 Actionable Tips to Optimize Your Shopify Website Speed

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Are you looking for ways to optimize your Shopify e-commerce store’s speed for maximum conversions? In this blog, we’ve shared some useful and proven tips for improving your Shopify website’s performance and speed. We all have heard the phrase ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race,’ however, it’s the other way round when it comes to […]

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PSD to Responsive HTML

An Easy Guidelines for PSD to Responsive HTML Website Conversion

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Converting a PSD file into a responsive HTML website is a tedious task. However, through this blog, we are offering a simple guideline for converting your PSD file into a responsive HTML website. Entrepreneurs nowadays are often concerned about the online presence of their business. Thus, they strive to leave no stone unturned in terms […]

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HTML5 Video Development Tips

10 HTML5 Video Development Tips That Make It Loads Faster

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Adding videos to your website is a great way to attract, keep users engage and bring visitors back on-site, but if your website is not optimized to handle them, such content can cause a performance problem. In this blog, we’re sharing the top 10 tips to optimize your video content on site. Videos have become […]

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Hiring an Agency for PSD to HTML Conversion - HTMLPanda

PSD to HTML for Business: Tips for Hiring an Agency

Posted by: HTMLPanda

If you are trying to hire an agency that can help you to refine your company website by converting the design of your website into well-commented HTML markup. Here we’re sharing a few important points you should check to find the perfect agency partner. PSD to responsive HTML conversion is crucial to develop feature-rich, expressive, […]

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