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Figma to HTML
HTML to WordPress Conversion

HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Are you tired of updating your site via HTML coding and looking to convert your old HTML template into a responsive WordPress theme? You’ve come to the right place! This detailed guide tells you easy ways how to convert from HTML template to WordPress theme. Gone are the days when you had to be a […]

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Custom Code vs Ready-to-Use Frameworks

Front-end Development: Custom Code vs Ready-to-Use Frameworks

Posted by: HTMLPanda

The confusion to choose custom code vs ready-to-use frameworks is a never-ending argument. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the advantages and disadvantages of custom and ready-to-use frameworks, which will help you to take the correct decision to choose between them. Front-end development is a process, in which, a developer implements web designs […]

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WordPress Vs Static HTML - HTMLPanda

WordPress Vs Static HTML – Which one is Better for Your Website?

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Do you want to launch a business website but not sure which platform is best for you? WordPress and HTML are the most common and popular platforms of many businesses. In this blog post, we’ll compare the WordPress & static HTML with their pros & cons which will help you choose the right one. Static […]

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Reasons to Choose Bootstrap CSS Framework - HTMLPanda

Reasons to Choose Bootstrap CSS Framework for Your Web Designs

Posted by: HTMLPanda

In this blog post we’ve discovered some important reasons to choose Bootstrap CSS Framework for your website: Initially, Bootstrap was known as Twitter Blueprint, which was developed by the team of Twitter. Bootstrap is a free and an open source framework used for front-end development. It is a responsive, mobile-first and prevailing front-end framework. There […]

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sketch vs photoshop

Sketch Vs Photoshop: Why Designers Are Moving To Sketch

Posted by: HTMLPanda

The debate about Sketch vs Photoshop keeps on raging. But there is no denying that both tools are unique in its own way and choosing one of them is quite difficult. Today we’re going to discuss why designers are moving to sketch. The user interface design has changed drastically in the past few years, and […]

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What is HTML

Introduction to HTML? Learn Basic Aspects of HTML and Its Tag

Posted by: HTMLPanda

Whether you’re interested in becoming a front-end developer or you simply want to learn about how website front-end work. The first thing you need to study the basics of HTML. In this blog, we’ll talk about the basic aspects of HTML. So let’s explore When you approach a website development service provider, you encounter the […]

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