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9 Emerging Email Template Design Trends to Look for in 2021

Email Template Design Trends
Posted by HTMLPanda

Email design templates are vital to your email marketing campaigns. They boost customer relationships, help promote your brand and increase your revenue. So don’t ignore them! Let’s explore what email design trends have in the bucket for 2021 and beyond.

You all will agree if we say that 2020 was one unforeseen year. It changed a lot of things actually, from businesses to people’s social lives. Even though the monster COVID-19 had put everything at a halt in 2020, it couldn’t manage to infect the online world.

Brands continued to leverage digital channels such as email to communicate with their customers. The email subscribers’ tastes and preferences continued to change, but brands ensured to keep up with their demand. They played (and still playing) safe by designing compelling email templates for marketing campaigns to attract more customers.

You might think of “email marketing” as an old marketing tactic, but businesses rely heavily on email marketing (even today). Hence, they’re looking for design tips to create compelling HTML email templates. But why?

Email marketing boasts a 4200% ROI, which means $42 for every $1 spent. Emails are 40% better at converting than social media. Marketing and advertising emails influence the buying decision of more than 50% of customers.

These stats might appear as something shocking to you, but it’s true. And that’s the reason many businesses want email designs that resonate perfectly with their customers. Hence, they are looking for companies that can offer custom email template services and design pixel-perfect responsive email templates for them to prosper.

Enough has been said about email marketing and why businesses rely on it! It’s time to come back to the email design trends!

Email template design trends are evolving like crazy. And there are so many essential things to consider for an attractive email template design. If you (as a business) want to thrive, you need to stay abreast of these rising email design trends!

Top 9 Inspiring Email Design Trends for 2021

We’ve handpicked some of the trending email template design trends that can help you create “instant eye-grabbing” emails and make your subscribers content and even help you attract new subscribers. Here are some promising email design trends to foresee for 2021!


Businesses love personalization. That said, personalization will be one of the top email design trends in 2021 and beyond. The ROI of email is $36 for every $1 spent — with personalized emails getting 122% more back. Personalization in email templates lets businesses create customized emails with a relevant call to action (CTA) that speak directly to the subscribers and encourage them to convert.

Bold Typography

Big, bold, and impressive typography is another email design trend for 2021. Today, bold typography imparts a striking impact to the message businesses want to convey for their brands. The giant and bold typography that screams out in the emails is something your customers find irresistible. Therefore, if you wish to draw readers’ attention instantly, compose an email in your template with neatly placed text in bold.

Minimalist Design

Simple things are always the best and most liked. That being said, minimal design is one of the significant email design trends to notice in 2021. Minimalistic designed email templates are uncluttered, eye-appealing, have fewer design elements, and get the point across. With such email designs, your readers immediately get to know what action needs to be taken. Thus, helping you build strong relationships with them.

Emotional Design

Putting emotion into things can do wonders, and emails are no exception. Yes, usability and functionality play an integral part in emails, but instilling the right emotion in your email design can help you win your customers’ hearts, ensuring maximum conversion. But how can you convey the right emotions in your emails? Well, you can evoke the right emotion among your readers by using the right colors and imagery.

Illustrated Animations

Illustrated animation is another emerging email design trend that will rule in 2021, for sure. Visuals play a vital role in grabbing people’s attention. Therefore, designers are constantly trying to innovate with it. And that’s how illustrated animations came into play. When the power of illustrations and animations are combined, the visual becomes more impressive, persuading people to convert more and more.

2D and 3D Images

Revamp your email with 2D images and get rid of dull, ordinary stock images. Using textured illustrations to embellish your 2D images is a good idea to start with. Experiment with various color contrasts, gradients, tints, and patterns to give more depth to your emails.

However, 3D images are one step ahead. Google, Apple, and Adidas employ outstanding and stunning 3D images in promo newsletters all the time, and they’ve gained massive positive responses. Well, the best thing is you can too!

Muted Colors

Give voice to your emails with muted colors. Gone are the days when bright and bold colors were trendy. People have started liking soothing colors, and that’s why muted colors are becoming the new email design trend. Health and wellness brands are highly leveraging muted colors to reflect safety. The emails with muted colors have a soothing effect on the readers’ minds. So don’t neglect this email template design trend in 2021 and beyond.


Going forward, you need to create unique backgrounds that can make your email stand out in 2021. How would you do that? Upgrading your email designs with gradients is the best way. They grab your readers’ eyes instantly and keep them hooked. Along with background, you can also add gradients to your call-to-action (CTA) button. This makes the CTA pop in the email while making your emails even more attractive.

Dark Mode Compatibility

Dark mode has become a new phenomenon. As people have started loving dark mode themes in websites, messaging apps, and even emails, it’s become essential to employ dark mode into your email templates in 2021. Google introduced dark mode in 2019. According to Android Authority, 91.8% of people use some form of dark mode in their emails. That makes it vital for you to bring dark mode compatibility to your email template designs.

Summing Up

Email designs play a vital role in the success of your email marketing campaign. And the truth is visually appealing emails attract! That’s why you need to make your email template design eye-appealing.

To make your readers love your emails, you need to empathize with them, understand their tastes and preferences. These email template design trends mentioned above will help you gain more subscribers and ultimately increase your sales and ROI.

So which trend excited you the most and is your favorite? Tell us!

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