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3 Design Tips To Create Compelling HTML Email Templates For Your Campaign

HTML Email Templates
Posted by HTMLPanda

Emails serve an effective way to keep in touch with your customers, promote your business, and send offers & deals as well. Modern marketers understand the power of emails, thus they employ a good amount of their time building successful email marketing campaigns for their business. HTML email templates are revolutionizing the way you design the text-based emails into more interesting & attractive promotional messages. To run a successful email marketing campaign, you need a creative design along with some compelling texts to influence your audience to take the desired actions.

If you are new to the world of email designing & crafting using HTML & CSS, it indeed poses a great challenge for you to cope with the trending email design patterns. And, to get to the top of the list of several emails from different competitors, you need to give a unique touch to your creation. Moreover, all this can be simplified by choosing a simple ready-made email design from the best HTML email templates design in the market. In fact, you can also create a Photoshop file of your email design and get it converted from PSD to email from a reliable service provider like HTMLPanda.

Benefits of Using HTML Email Templates!

Sending emails with plain texts may be boring and fails to create the required impact. Since, people are redundant to read dozens of lines of texts. But if the content is embellished with sparkling graphics & eye-catchy headlines and texts, no one would resist himself from checking the email at least once. This is what you get with HTML email templates, they come with high-quality images, catchy graphics, and structure that force your users to go through the email. Some of the benefits of email templates are as follows:

Better design & feel:

Templates are ready-made designs created by professionals. They offer pleasing design & appearance that attract users.

Responsive & intuitive:

The templates provide consistent & intuitive design that appears well across different devices.

Increased conversions:

Email templates are designed in a way that they are aesthetically appealing & essential components like call-to-actions stand out easily which results in increased conversions.

Better user engagement:

Unlike plain texts colorful & perfectly designed emails are more readable & induce higher user engagement.

Ways To Make HTML Email Templates More Compelling

If you want to customize email templates to add your own touch, then you should keep some important guidelines in mind when making a custom template or converting PSD to email design.

User perspective

It’s a matter of guesswork what your users will like or what not as you may not exactly know their tastes directly. However, you should analyze your target audience and then design accordingly to make a perfect message for them. To get to know about the likes and dislikes of your target audience, you can start with what type of audience you have and then make a conjecture about their tastes based on some research.

Theme & colors

You need to make clear picture of what theme you want to present to your audience. Then adding the right color combination, you can really create a compelling message for your audience. You should also remember that putting too much CSS coding may result in degraded user experience due to increased loading time of the email content. Hence, try to keep the email lightweight and user-centric for a positive impact.

Catchy headlines & slogans

Using eye-catchy subject line, headlines & attractive lines, you can make your customers go through the whole message and take appropriate decisions. Words have power to coerce people in persuading to do something. What you need to do is, utilize this potential for the benefits of your business. An effective message is enough to double your sales provided that it presented in a creative way. And, this what you get with HTML email templates.


To make your email campaign a success, you need to pay attention to its design and content. Using a captivating design & attractive content, you can sway the decision of your audience. HTML email templates enable you to achieve your goals for effectively addressing your audience and conveying the right message in a convenient and timeless manner. Considering the above tips, you put your energy in the right track of designing.

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