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Scary Halloween: 10% off on all New Web Development Projects

Posted by HTMLPanda

When the candles flicker, when the wind blows woo-oo. May it mean a fortune mighty good for you!! We wish you all a happy and scary Halloween.

Dress up as scary as you can and collect candies. Celebrate this spooky festival with great joy and enjoy yourself to the fullest with free treats and discounted seasonal foods. Well, the word ‘discount’ reminded me that we at HTMLPanda are offering 10% OFF on all new web development projects. If you’re on the hunt for some terrifyingly website, dig your fags into,
we’ve got just what you’re looking for. It is time to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year with our enticing offer.

Avail our exclusive Halloween perk by using the coupon code SCARY10. Use the mentioned coupon code in the comment section while getting in touch with us, or you can use it in the order form as well.

This offer will be valid till November 04’ 2018. So, please hurry up and grab your annual gift from us. This Halloween, sit for a spell and have some brew with us. Eat, drink, and be scary, till we make your website free of bugs and hisses.

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