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A Few Things To Consider For An Attractive Email Template Design

Email Template Design
Posted by HTMLPanda

When running an email marketing campaign, the biggest obstacle that comes way is acquiring positive leads. There are multiple things to check out for the same right from the email template design to the content it has, size, color, text and so on. As an email marketer, the sole objective is to acquire opt-in leads, drafting concise email copy, optimize email template design for plain text and HTML. In order to reach potential clients, it is important to spread your message in the most interactive ways. Listed below are some to-do tips that you must include as a promotional strategy and acquire an unequalled email design. These tips will help you strengthen long-term customer relationships along with forming the pillar of a successful marketing strategy. Let’s take a peek:


Deliver campaigns that resonate with people

Deliver campaigns that resonate with people

It is a fact that human brain is attracted to visuals 60 times quicker than the text. It takes only a few seconds to analyze visuals. Visuals in any form contribute as the greatest asset in a congested inbox.

When it comes to email marketing, the debate for/against plain text emails and HTML emails continues to rise. By delivering plain text, business owners might not be able to analyze the email open rate or the campaign result. HTML emails allow you to expose your business in one of the unique yet interactive ways with a striking visual content around it. It is important to design visually appealing email templates that stick around people. The use of pre-made templates not only saves time but also offers complete flexibility for customization.

There are varied content blocks which come with email templates. These can be removed or substituted with ease. Another exciting feature is its responsive nature that allows you to display a design that works consistently across all devices.

Give attention to the layout

Give attention to the email template layout

While designing an email template, make sure to arrange it in a way to help viewers display important things first. Assemble your content from the initial to the end and ensure keeping CTA above the fold. The most accurate size to be opted is 350 pixels-650 pixels in height and width. Such size is easily accessible in almost all email clients, thereby eliminating the need to scroll below.

The content placed above the fold is usually preferred therefore keeping CTA along the header must be a priority to ensure subscribers do not miss out on your product/services.

Select fonts that email favors

Select fonts that email favors

The right use of font can solve lot of text issues. When using font, always put forward such choices that are easily accessible and function across multiple browsers. Using the right font gives assurance of a text that is quick to read and delivered exact the same way as it was intended or designed for.

Select up to 2-3 choices to ensure the overall text in your email looks consistent.

Portray yourself with the right colors

Color is a crucial aspect that helps in conveying the right message. To allow the email design look clean, select such colors that grab the mood of readers and go well with your marketing efforts.

Avoid overloaded information

information overloaded

Sending too much information in a single mail annoys the readers so try to segregate your content into different pieces or categories. Give them clear headings and sub headings to allow readers understand your content in a better way.

Let’s end it here!!


This tutorial offers a better understanding of designing an attractive, business-oriented and functional email newsletter. With all of these tips, it becomes easy to design attractive emails that catch the interests of subscribers Start with one of these tips to make an impact in the long run.

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