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jQuery Christmas Plugins: A Treat To Your Website

jQuery Christmas Plugins
Posted by HTMLPanda

From decorating lights to memorable private parties, Christmas always brings a great delight along with it. When it comes to website designing, Christmas has something exciting to beautify your online business as well. Introducing some of the exciting jQuery Christmas plugins that can be easily added to your website this festive season to make it jubilant.

There are multifarious jQuery Christmas plugins  that can help you amplify the appeal and aesthetic of your website. All these plugins are easily available and can be used to revamp your website. Greeting your website visitors with these snow falling plugins will not only catch their attention but also acquire increased ROI.

Let’s take a tour:


Xmas snow Glob animation experiment


Xmas snow Glob animation experiment

The plugin is featured with 3D effects for the design elements. The snow falling is also very natural. Built with jQuery HTML5 and CSS3, the snow interacts along with the way a user moves a mouse.

Snow-3D Christmas jQuery plugins


snow 3D -Christmas plugin
Snow 3D is a premium multi-purpose jQuery library meant for designing an eye-captivating store. This plugin embellishes your web pages with unique, smart Christmas snowflakes. Owing to the 3D effect, this plugin makes your web pages interesting and responsive for easy functioning across multiple devices.





Snowstorm is an easy JavaScript driven snow falling software available free of cost. It can be implemented easily to the website. All you need is a single JS file however there is no use of images.


jQuery Snow falling plugin


jQuery Snow falling plugin

Built with HTML5 and CSS, jQuery snow falling plugin embellishes your web pages with the falling snow. The extension works with custom snowflakes falling from top and it automatically autofades on reaching the bottom.




uppy jquery christmas plugin


Functions like a modular file uploader for easy and seamless integration with any framework. The plugin retrieves files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, local disk, cameras and then uploads it back to the final destination in a quick and easy to use way.

Xmas Tree Generator


xmas tree generator

With the help of this JS coding, it becomes simple to generate the Xmas tree that is randomly sized with the lights placed at random places.


jQuery plugin for random snow falling effect: fallingsnow.js



It is a lightweight plugin featuring parallax effect. The plugin generates random falling snowflakes to match the theme of this festive season. Being easy to use, this plugin gives the feel of winter season to your visitors during these festive holidays.

Ending Notes!

So, these are some top picks of jQuery Christmas plugins that can be made use of to revamp the appeal and functionality of your website this festive season.


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