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Why Use Sketch To HTML For Web Designing: Ins And Outs Explained

Sketch To HTML
Posted by HTMLPanda

Sketch to HTML is a prominent technique to create pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible and quick loading websites, which, in turn makes it an optimal choice to design websites with high productivity.
Designing applications with the help of Sketch is much easier as it involves lightweight functions to ensure an easy task for the developers. The introduction of Sketch makes it easy for developers to accomplish designs that feature an engaging layout and exceptional user interface for the web users. Sketch, being an amazing web development tool features some of the great advantages that are listed below:


Artboard works a little different and are used for setting boundaries around your design. Their main function is to create and export icon or assets. Using Artboard, web designers can easily design responsive websites which make it easy to view the site on any of platforms. The Artboard button on the toolbar offers users a range of options to select presets from the sub-toolbar. Presets allows organizing work by predefining the dimensions. The range of designs is numerous to choose as per the requirements.

Pixel-Perfect Designs

Amongst the varied features of Sketch, pixel-precision is one of its prominent features. Sketch has the capability to resize the object without losing the quality of object even if it has to be designed in different sizes. Pixel-perfect artboard adds usability by designing pixel-perfect web designs. It is exceptionally easy and simple to rescale the design even if the user is working with vector objects. Pixel-perfect designs work perfectly across different browsers to ensure smooth accessibility.

Built in Sketch Grids

When it comes to supporting keyboards shortcut, Sketch is one user-friendly application which is utilized to change the width of columns as per the requirement. Built in with a grid system, Sketch simplifies the task of the web developers and allows designing responsive web pages. The use of grid finds the balance between text, images and overall page elements.


Sketch allows the creation of new files directly from the template. This task is easy to process by browsing menu item file> new from template. Users can also save current files as templates to start projects from the very beginning. For doing the same, browse files> save as templates.

Benefits of converting from Sketch to HTML:

  • Cross-browser compatible HTML websites
  • Device-agnostic
  • Search engine optimized
  • Semantic markups

Summing it up:

Sketch to HTML conversion is preferred and recommended for those who wish to enhance the visibility and functionality of static websites. If you are looking forward to encouraging traffic, visitor acquisition and enhanced conversion, Sketch to HTML is the best approach you should go for.



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