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Best Ways to Attract Mobile App Usage from your Web Experience

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Posted by HTMLPanda

Going mobile is not a new thing and every brand today is moved to the mobile-first approach. It seems quite swift on the first thought, but there are plentiful hurdles that come under the way of mobile app success. The primary concern is to gain users as each merchant needs more prospects, customers and fans to download and use their apps.

But this is not the end. Gaining the traffic is merely a first step. After that, you should not forget them. They further need to be optimized and marketed for consistent results. Usage of the app is an important factor to gain conversions and grab the associated benefits. With this, the app will be profitable for you and give you a good return on investment.


There are numerous things you can do to improve the mobile app usage via an enhanced user engagement-

Ad Campaigns

A large number of apps heavily rely on the ad campaigns to increase download rate and spread the awareness among the crowd. A simple logic that applies here is to have more users to drill more usage. Moreover, it is also important to look after how user engagement is actually moving over the time.

Acquisition management can also be used to track the users from paid ads through different sources. Along with download per campaign, one also need to measure the lifetime value of users coming from distinct sources.

App Funnels

Funnels are the major source to conversions as they give profitable value to an app usage. With screen flow analytics, it is easy to track screen exits, total screen visit and flow between the screens and on a whole, to scrutinize visitor interactions into the app. The screen flow of a specific tunnel is utmost important to view when and where visitors are dropping.

All these details transparently display which funnels needs improvement and these specifications in turn prevent drop offs to create better funnel to boost usage and conversion rate of an app.


There must be nothing hidden in your content that forces users to think what will be next. Everything must be straightforward so that the potential customers will not get lost in between. Large and bright buttons act eye-catchy so that user can move forward to download the app without any dilemma.

Another vital component is to restrict 1 CTA per page. With multiple options, there is more probability that people will be avoided from downloading your app.

Landing page

A smooth landing page is crucial to market your mobile app so that you can grow your customer base. If you want to explore the reach of your app, you can provide a product preview through images and videos that can entice downloads.

There is also a provision to link the different social media channels so that you can connect swiftly with your potential customers. Contact information can also be listed exterior of the app stores so that customers can directly reach to you.

Discoverability in App stores

App store optimization helps drive more traffic to the landing page so that users can download the app without any hindrance. A successful optimization strategy keeps a keen eye on analytics, regular check-ins and thus an imperative growth.

A flawless ASO tactic also counts to have a deep digging of the competition and the targeted keywords by your niche players. You can analyze whether it is perfect to use the set of keywords you have picked or you can expand the same for better results.


Being a consumer, one always wants to get appreciated from the brands they are connected. Different reward programs, customized offers and mobile coupons are few ways to provide the targeted incentives and hence encourage the app usage.

You can run these offers with in-app and push messaging and can be checked among multiple segments to cross-check the outcomes. Here, mobile users can be provided with big sale if they will buy a product in-app.

Bottlenecks in UI

Carrying an app is not a rewarding thing, but to sustain it without any ambiguity is something twstablished retailers, there is always a scope of improvement. Natural bottlenecks in the UI can most probably restrict the users from getting a complete experience that might result in early drop-offs.

Improve Your ROI With Reinforced App Usage

Several tools and surveys can help a business learn what their visitors are finding frustrating about their app usage. This is where you can find from where loopholes are generating and can find effective ways to resolve them.

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