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Is Enterprise App Store Crucial For Successful Operations Of An Organization

Enterprise app store
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What is an enterprise app store?

Enterprise app is private, in-house apps catalog which is custom built and used by employees of an organization. These are similar to public app stores but private in such a way as they can only be accessed by some authorized users like employees, workers, etc. It is a key component of an enterprise and brings it with all mobile app management solutions. An enterprise app portal gives flexibility to access software like cloud services, mobile apps, and licenses.

Many of the growing companies are building their own enterprise app stores. This is inspired by app stores like Apple or Google helping employees find exactly what they are looking for. Some enterprise app store portals include search bar that suggests equivalent results according to organization’s search. This portal helps IT team of a company by informing about the new request and start the appropriate authorization process and ensures to provide much more quality service.

Furthermore, the IT has full control over the software being used and stop the unsupported and incompatible software that reduces manual labor and IT costs.

Enterprise app store can provide you following services:

Easy configuration: When a business launches an app in public app store, user may need to put extra configurations. With in-house enterprise app, one needs fewer configuration steps and can easily access the app.

Authentication: Enterprise app store with built-in management solutions provides the capability to administrators to manage users associated with the store.

Downloading apps: To serve a large user-base, these portals allow storing and downloading updates frequently.
Group access control: Many apps can only be accessed by some specific users. But, the apps published to enterprises app store can be accessed on group-level.

Multiple app support: Apps can be from different sources may be from partners, in-house, or web-based. The enterprise app should add all the mobile services for a business and make them available to workers.

What are the top reasons to build enterprise app store?

Improve quality control:

Experts said that more than 25% of organizations will create their own app store by 2018 as it provides top-quality control over apps. Hence, the enterprises can get company-approved apps without consuming much time. An enterprise app store features can resolve various problems and can provide effective solutions for the same. Therefore, these portals provide full quality control with mobile user management.

Improved security:

The advantage of building enterprise app store is it decreases risk. Implementing an enterprise app store is effective to run a successful business. Use of mobile devices in an enterprise includes access to social media & unapproved apps, that open an enterprise network and increase chances for vulnerable attacks and hackers. Therefore, your company security compromises that can result in loss of sensitive information. On the other hand, enterprise app store block malware by working in a collaboration with an organizations and providing more secured options within the app.

Collect user feedback:

Private app store has greater user visibility as compared to the public app store. You can easily collect feedback from store’s feedback sections. One can track different user behavior and accordingly suggest apps to the customer which they are actually looking for. This ultimately gives you a clear insight of your apps and services.

Monitoring & Data:

You can effectively monitor which apps are being downloaded and how much they are being used by using enterprise app store. An app rating system can be implemented to evaluate which apps are impressive and liked. Therefore, designers and developers can collect useful information through feedback. Also, apply this useful information for the future applications in order to get enhanced user experience.

Good impression on the business:

Managing a large ecosystem of apps is a tough task for a company. But, enterprises app stores can simplify that complexity. With the help of this, you can add value to manage the apps programs and for distributing desktop software too. It makes a good impression on business executives and manages overall apps program.

Reduce expenses:

An unauthorized app on a desktop, laptop, or even on the network can create many problems. In this case, you may need to set up a specific team to solve that problem that can increase time and money. So, shadow operations result in unnecessary expenses for an enterprise & are more time-consuming.

An in-house app catalog makes it more proactive by ensuring users that users are not getting apps, it may have security concerns, or company cannot support those apps. One another benefit of having enterprise app store is the reduced license fees.

Final words

There are several advantages of building an enterprise app store. So, it is the time to build an in-house private app to save your time, cost, and resources. Apart from this, these offer data safety by implementing top security controls and speed up mobile app adoption that results in high ROI on your mobile investment. Also, it provides a perfect platform for your enterprise apps.

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