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Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Cost
Posted by HTMLPanda

Mobile apps are significant drivers of traffic towards your business. You can connect with your customers anywhere at any point in time. With these apps becoming such an inherent part of every person’s lives, your business needs mobility to not only survive but also succeed. There are many businesses or enterprises that would love to have a mobile app to represent and sell their products & services in a much simpler, smarter and in a unique way. Mobile apps are faster than websites that is why mobile app development services are in more demand. However, there are some factors which needs to take care at the time of app development, one of them is mobile app development cost which can play an important role in any app success.

The Cost!, undoubtedly, is one of the crucial factors driving our thoughts and processes. In fact, there are various mobile applications who failed to hit the market within the set time or gain higher momentum due to the shortage/ unplanned use of money. There are different factors involved through which you can determine the estimated value of investment you need to put in.

Here are some factors which impact the mobile app development cost:

App platform choice:

This is certainly the important factor to determine the cost of mobile app development. According to research, native apps provide excellent user experience but it usually requires higher investment as compared to the web or hybrid apps. If you wish to develop your application for multiple platforms then you should opt for a cross-platform application that can reduce your mobile app development cost. The well-known operating systems are as follows:

  • iOS OS
  • Android OS
  • Windows OS
  • Blackberry OS

Research & analysis:

Complete research and deep analysis of the relevant market is necessary so that a successful mobile app development process can take place. It is better to make a complete research of the potential market, the scope of the project, expectations of the target audience, a rough estimation of the complete budget, discover hidden costs, and any other risk factors involved in the app development process. This task needs to go through various surveys, reports, and detailed analysis which directly means you need a higher amount of money to sustain it.

Functionalities & features:

Mobile app development cost also depends on the functionality you want for your app. The potential features of an app can be social logins, integration of camera/video/photo gallery, chat/instant messaging, location-based services, payment for goods or services, social features, and many more. Clearly, as much as features you want to add in your app, the more costly it will be to develop. Some of the features are more complex to develop, however, some are provided by 3rd party APIs or service providers that means that they don’t have to code from scratch, which will save development cost and time.

UI and UX Designs:

To define the functionality of your app UI and UX designs are the must. If your apps UI/UX designs are good then it will deliver amazing experience and will attract more users towards it. When you prefer to go for customized user interface and user experience then the mobile app development cost will be more as compared to simple UI/UX design.

Use of visual objects and 3D animations:

To produce a high-end user experience to their potential customers, most of the app developers integrate complicated UI components into their apps. Thus, many of them use high-resolution graphics, 3D animations, visual transactions in order to make their app more attractive and user-engaging. These factors contribute more to your mobile app development cost.

Database and content management system:

Today, with extensive features apps have really pampered the audiences. The content management system (CMS) and the database is crucial for every app as it drives more traffic towards an app. CMS allows you to edit your content according to your business needs, while the database is where the users can upload & share their images, videos, comments and give a feedback to your app. Photos & videos stored in the database. This can slightly impact on mobile app development costs.

Testing & maintenance & updates:

This procedure takes place after the development is done. Once the application development process is done, one needs to test its functionality and determine whether it is functioning well or not. There are multiple testing processes involved in a mobile app development process to get satisfied results. This will add the budget of the app.

You have to keep on regularly upgrading the app to use its latest versions so that it can offer the best experience to your audiences. The cost of the app also involves its maintenance and updates. According to the survey of the network world, around 29.6% of the apps are updated on the monthly basis, however, more then 50% of app upgraded on the half-yearly basis.

Final words

Mobile app development is a unique way to build & increase business value by improving productivity, driving traffic and sales, and increasing brand awareness. An interactive, feature-rich and well-managed app can definitely help your business to get new heights of success. Planning a robust mobile app development strategy from the very start can make an enormous difference in the final output. So, the above-mentioned factors can be helpful to estimate your mobile app development budget with ease.

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