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jQuery Mobile App Development: Business Benefits To Acquire

jQuery Mobile App Development
Posted by HTMLPanda

jQuery mobile app development services help in the creation of mobile apps that are completely touch-optimized and takes your business to the next level. The framework is featured with advanced functionalities that make the overall process of development swift and relatively easy.

A touch-optimized framework, jQuery allows programmers to create mobile web based apps for most of the mobile platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry. The framework also helps in developing mobile applications that fit in varying screen sizes and resolutions. jQuery also makes it easier for programmers to create cross-platform mobile app without writing the code for specific devices and operating system. There is also no need to make any kind of changes during the coding according to the screen size and resolution of individual device.

Advantages of jQuery mobile app development:

Quicker deployment:

It is always quicker and easier to create a cross-platform mobile app rather than a native app for individual platforms. Incorporation of a single code increases the speed of development as there is no need to create an app for every platform from the scratch.

Cost reduction:

The costs reduce dramatically if the rollout of any cross platform system is done with proper thought. The development of mobile apps on multiple operating systems is easier and less difficult. Any kind of update available to the software can be implemented across multiple platforms.

Wider audience base:

The reach of mobile apps increases dramatically when they are developed using cross-platform techniques. The audience and loyalty is assured completely when mobile apps used for wider operating system and platform is designed for.

Uniform UI and UX:

User experience is an important aspect to consider, when it comes to jQuery mobile app development. A uniform user experience is seen across platforms and devices. It is assured to remain uniform for every update and are easy to sync.

Easy content search:

Content developed on HTML5 can easily be crawled and indexed by search engines. The chances of getting such content discovered become an easy task. This, in turn, increases app accessibility.


Other than cross-platform compatibility, there are many other features that make jQuery a preferred framework. It is again a lightweight framework that helps in the development of apps that are visually attractive and perform functionally well. All you should do is contact a service provider who can help you in the creation of responsive and fast jQuery apps.

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