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Mobile App Development With Feature-Centric Approach Saves Valuable Time & Money

Mobile App Development With Feature-Centric Approach
Posted by HTMLPanda

Today, mobile app development industry is generating the revenue of millions’ dollars. In fact, it has become a huge sector that numerous companies all around the world are associated with this sector. With the changing time, the different approaches are introduced in the mobile application development because of some disadvantages (that previous approach has) and many other reasons. At present, the new strategy has been developed that is the feature-centric approach.

Reason Behind Emergence Of Feature-Centric Approach

Generally, the mobile app development companies employ developers for all trending platforms. They do the task in parallel for delivering the same application of different platforms. In this approach, there is always a risk that if the application does not work, then there will be immense loss of time, productivity and money. Therefore, the new strategy, feature-centric approach has been introduced.

Overview: Feature-centric approach

Feature-centric approach, as the name implies that it is a feature oriented technique, where required features & the use cases are considered while developing the apps. This strategy bestows a finer outcome, which has a higher probability of being accepted by the audience. The applications that are developed with the help of this approach can easily be made compatible with other platforms. This approach enables the developer to tweak application according to the coding standards, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of the platforms.

How Do We Implement This New Approach

To implement this strategy, we need to start from deploying a team, which has good technical understanding about the purpose behind application development and content it will deliver to the client.

Suppose, we are developing a service based mobile application. We will deploy our whole team, which first focuses on services and scrutinizes functions that how will they perform according to the platforms. After the thorough analysis, the team will work on the development of UI and transforming those features to give the best experience on mobile platform. In this way, our time and money will be saved as well as we enhance the features and optimize the productivity. Secondly, the maintenance will also become simpler.


The major facets of this feature based app development approach is that until the development phase is not reached, there is no need of platform-oriented expertise. With the help of this new strategy, the time, money & efforts are effectively deployed. Additionally, it improve improves the functionality of the apps and makes the maintenance easier.

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