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PhoneGap App Development: Best Solution for Mobile App Development

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Posted by HTMLPanda

PhoneGap is a mobile based apps development framework. It is an open source solution. That entails web technologies compiling HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This framework has been launched to arm developer for coding complex applications. Owing to rise in demand for smartphone, the call-for feature-rich applications have experienced the huge “push”. Nowadays, building an application has become a challenge for professional developers.

Elemental aspects to Possess for PhoneGap App Development

Cross-Browser Compatibility: There are lots of smartphone with different platforms waiving in the market. Hence, it is very important for application to be coded without any compatibility issues on different smartphones.

Smartphone-friendly: As the smartphones are becoming feature-rich, like there is the great camera, smart sensors and smooth screen. Hence, it is apparently required that application should fully utilize these features and ensure great functionalities.

Superb User-Experience: User-Experience matters a lot. Application should be user-friendly, i.e. it should be easy to control and manage.

Smooth Accessibility: The application must not take a lot of time, while installing or loading at the phone. Today, every user prefers that application should be loaded smoothly, i.e. within fraction of seconds.

Hence, PhoneGap has hit the market. PhoneGap is the hybrid application development framework. Hybrid application is an application that is blended with beneficial aspects of native as well as web app. PhoneGap supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for coding. Employing PhoneGap platform will be very much advantageous in application development. This platform covers essential aspects that are required in the development of mobile applications, like:

Supporting Multiple Platforms: PhoneGap app development ensures compatibility with major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and other OS. This will enable developers to program the single code base.

Supporting Native Accessibility: PhoneGap supports smoother interface for native-features such as cameras, navigation, storage, touchscreen, sensors, and lots more. Hence, it will be easy for developers to code highly-interactive applications.

Supporting Easy Customization: PhoneGap app development empowers the developers to easily customize the application timely. This will save a lot of time in upgrading as well as maintaining the apps.

PhoneGap App Development: Beneficial in Terms of Cost-effectiveness

Freely Available: PhoneGap is an open source platform that means it is easily available to app development companies without any spending penny.

Easy to Distribute: PhoneGap applications are easy to distribute. Hence, development industries do not need to worry about how to make the application available to user.


PhoneGap application development will be the leading technique for building complex mobile apps. Hope that you are now aware about the PhoneGap, if you have any confusion or idea relating to this blog, you can share through the comment section below.

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