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PhoneGap App Development: Ideal Cross-Platform Development

PhoneGap Application Development
Posted by HTMLPanda

PhoneGap app development has now become the famous app development framework. As it is based on HTML5, it has been easy for developer to use this platform for coding the extensive varieties of applications that can work on different domains. This technology can also be collaborated with other frameworks in order to support them with the features that they are devoid of, but PhoneGap offers those features. Mobile app developers use this framework to build fully functional native applications that can be hosted on the App Stores.

This framework is used for cross-platform development, which is based on JavaScript/HTML and creates app for different mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS, etc. A particular process comprising a native project creation (for each platform) and a browser (working as a native webView component) is followed to achieve PhoneGap’s cross-platform capabilities. There is also the possibility of standardizing native features such as compass, camera, accelerometer and contacts to make them run on the supported operating systems.

For implementing the HTML/JavaScript code, a PhoneGap project carries four functional parts. The following process ensures building of a single page and service-oriented HTML5 application:

  • A native browser (having webView component) is embedded in the project.
  • Structured API is used to access the native functionality of the mobile gadgets from a JavaScript code.
  • API is used for the purpose of writing native plug-ins.
  • File storage is performed that has JavaScript, HTML and other web resources of an app.

There is no doubt that PhoneGap app development is an ideal way to build cross-platform apps. But, mobile app developers must not forget that they should adopt a step-by-step process to get the desired results. If they follow a systematized process, it will be possible for them to attain the outcomes within decided time and budget.

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