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PhoneGap App Development: Supported Platforms With Native Features

PhoneGap App Development
Posted by HTMLPanda

Since inception, PhoneGap has been the leading framework in the application development industry. This framework is packed with lots of amazing beneficial facets. The most imperative feature is, it empowers developers to code mobile app that can run on multiple platforms seamlessly. Today, cross-platform native application is huge in demand among application development companies and PhoneGap is the best solution that can cater demand easily. Many developers wonder that do PhoneGap work on their desired platform, thus this blog is prepared to clarify their confusion.

Let’s have glimpse over the platforms that PhoneGap supports and know in details:

Amazon Fire OS

With the recent release of Fire phone, Fire OS has created abuzz in app development industry. PhoneGap has made the way easy for developers by including supported Cordova CLI, Webview and Plug-in interface for the Fire OS app. The most amazing fact is that it is helpful in coding the complete native application.


PhoneGap provides a complete Android application development framework to a programmer. It is packed with all the supports that enable the developer to code the powerful Android application in minimum time.

Blackberry 10

For Blackberry10, this framework does not support Webview interface. Secondly, it is not easy to code the native features, like Globalization for Blackberry10 platform with PhoneGap. The Cordova CLI will not work on Linux platform.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is a complete open standard platform by Mozilla. PhoneGap comes with Cordova CLI to make the coding for Firefox app easy on different platforms, like Window, Mac and Linux. There is no Embedded Webview and Plugin Interface. Online few APIs are packed with this platform, such as Camera, Accelerometer, Device, Contact and Geolocation.


Undoubtedly, iOS is one of the most powerful platforms. It is dominating in some parts of the world billions of users. For this platform based app, PhoneGap framework is integrated with all the relevant APIs and development environment that simplify the coding for iOS app. It supports Cordova CLI for “MAC” platform.


Ubuntu is a Linux based OS (an open source platform) and possesses smart features. This operating system has impressed millions user. Thus, to enhance the experience, the PhoneGap platform is packed with Ubuntu supported Cordova CLI, Plug-in interface, Webview and all the imperative APIs for native features.

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 OS has become a hit because of its amazing user interface. PhoneGap framework comes with cordova CLI and Plug-in interface for Windows platform. It eases the way for developer to code Windows mobile app with all the required features.

Windows Phone 8

Similar to Windows Phone 7, all native APIs of Windows Phone 8 are supported by the PhoneGap framework.

Windows 8

PhoneGap framework does not support some of the APIs for Windows 8, such as Capture, Contacts and Globalization.


You can have a glimpse over the chart that gives the complete pictures of supported platform as well as their correspondence features.

amazon-fireos android blackberry10 Firefox OS ios Ubuntu wp7 (WindowsPhone 7) wp8 (Windows Phone 8) win8 (Windows 8) tizen
cordova CLI √ Mac, Windows, Linux √ Mac, Windows, Linux √ Mac, Windows √ Mac, Windows, Linux √ Mac √ Ubuntu √ Windows √ Windows Χ
Embedded WebView Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ
Plug-in Interface Χ Χ
Platform APIs
Capture Χ Χ Χ
Compass Χ √(3GS+)
Connection Χ
Contacts Χ Χ
Events Χ
File Χ Χ
Globalization Χ Χ Χ Χ
InAppBrowser Χ (Partial)uses iframe Χ
Media Χ
Notification Χ
Splashscreen Χ Χ
Storage Χ √ localStorage & indexedDB √ localStorage & indexedDB √ localStorage & indexedDB


PhoneGap framework is the best mobile application development tool that enables you to build native application without worrying about maintaining SDK and various aspects. There is a community support that guides you properly in installing the PhoneGap and other features.

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