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Sencha Space 1.2: App Management Tool for Desktop, Smartphone & Tablet

Sencha Space 1.2
Posted by HTMLPanda

Sencha Space 1.2, an application management platform is now available. This platform empowers developers to manage the application deployment and development for cross-platform. This platform is equipped with 2 amazing features:

  • The Admin console app that the administrators will use to manage the application and data (available on the cloud or on-premise).
  • An application that the end-users download and install on the smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop. It can be called as a smartphones’ users interface.

Why Sencha Space 1.2 Has Been Developed

It is difficult for the organization to deliver the right applications that are having the relevant user experience and compatible with the devices, like smartphone, tablet, and desktop. However, various developers have worked on creating the technology that can help them track deployment issues, protect data and many more things. This has invited the complexity in administrating process and hence, the developers have to pay the heavy loss. Therefore, the Sencha Space 1.2 has been launched.

Sencha Space 1.2 has been developed to help the organization deploy, secure and audit the application on the desired devices, including desktop, smartphone and tablet. Moreover, this platform will empower the organization in many ways, such as

  • Test the applications’ functionality on different platforms
  • Ease the deployment of cross-platform applications
  • Find out the challenges in coding the application

The Sencha Space can minimize the complexity and cost in the development as well as deployment of the application with the help of streamlining process. Secondly, as this platform eases the testing process and minimizes the need for multiple code bases, app store deployment and native packaging, the organizations can save the time and use that time in productivity.

As per economic model of application development process, it has been evaluated that Sencha Space has the potential to save more than 60% in development expense.

What Are New Features In Sencha Space

Sencha Space has been programmed with the amazing features that simplify the way for the organizations to run this platform easily. Let’s have a look over the features:

  1. On-Premise Administration: It enables you to make use of the feature-rich management functionality of Space for your data center ( private cloud base).
  2. Desktop Client Application: This is a single integrated platform that enables developers to deploy the applications on tablets, desktop, and smartphones.
  3. Remote Debugging Support: The feature streamlines the process of testing and development of application for Android and iOS remotely. This has improved the speed of finding and fixing bugs.
  4. Custom Runtime (Android based): This is for Android based application. It reduces the Android platform fragmentation and improves the performance consistently on all the Android 4.x devices.

Lots of new additions have been made to the Space SDK that you can learn on the Sencha official website.

Sencha Space: Advantage

  • Minimizes the cost as well as complexity in development of cross-platform application by reducing the requirement for multiple code bases, native packaging and vulnerable apps in insecure clients platform (browsers) and deployment of consumer app store.
  • Simplifies the delivery process of business applications to the user for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It provides the secure environment that basically encrypts & segregates the important applications and data on the devices.
  • The Sencha Space APIs provide the best interface to the users, so that they can easily develop and debug cross-platform applications.
  • Eases the auditing and implementing the regulatory compliance with the usage of data reporting and analytics
  • Helps the organization strengthen the IT policy enforcement by providing the centralized management function.


Sencha Space 1.2 is the powerful platform that has been introduced to minimize the problem that most of the organizations face, while managing and deploying the application for different platforms and devices.

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