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Titanium Application: An Essential Framework for Mobile Application

Titanium Application Development
Posted by HTMLPanda

The advent of numerous smartphones and tablets has given the birth to the varieties of application platforms, such as iOS, Window, Android and lots more. This has created a buzz among the application development industries. Every industry wonders about how to code the application that can work very well on all the platforms or is there any single framework that supports for building compatible application with every platform. Thus, various platforms have been launched. Among them, Titanium application framework has been opted as the finest support for developing cross-platform application.

About: Titanium Application Framework

Titanium – the open source application development framework, released by Appceleartor under the license agreement with Apache. It bestows developers an integrated environment for developing application easily, working on the mobile, desktop and tablet. It is also enabled to make the application to be executable on major platforms, such as iOS and Androids.

Based on JavaScript, entailing HTML5, CSS3, Ajax and jQuery, Titanium application framework is one of the powerful technologies. This platform has been boasted with amazing features.

Let’s have a look at the Features:

JavaScript (SDK): Titanium framework has been enabled with SDK based on JavaScript, which gives functional-rich application, i.e. developers can load extensive range of functions with the applications and make it more powerful.

Trending Web Technologies: Titanium application framework, compiles trending web technologies, such as, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Ajax. This empowers developers to build the application, having non-compatibility issues. Thus, there is the single base coding for multiple platforms. With the help of Titanium platform, we don’t need to code the multiple programs for single application.

Multiple Devices Compatibility: Titanium application framework featured smarter aspect that helps developer to code mobile application that can smoothly work on different mobile gadgets without any respect to the dimensions of the display screen.

Support Native Feature: Titanium application platform has been boasted with various independent APIs that make the smooth interaction possible between mobile application and native features like camera, GPS, navigation, sensors and lots. Hence, it enhances the user experience.


Titanium application framework is the powerful as well as the feature-rich platform that empowers developer to build the extensive range of applications without any complication, either with the device (mobile/tablet) and the platforms (iOS, Android). Secondly, it is to access and learn for the developer. Hope that you are now aware about Titanium application framework. If you find any confusion with this blog, you can share your views through the comment section given below.

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