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Sencha Touch App Development

Tips To Choose The Sencha Touch App Development Company That will Rule The App Market

22 Jun 2018 Posted by HTMLPanda Tags:

Mobile apps with a high level of compatibility, fast development speed, and transferable skill can meet specific business goals of the client. Set your budget & do market research before selecting an efficient Sencha touch app development services. Sencha Touch is one of the biggest cross-platform mobile application development frameworks in recent times. It is […]

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Sencha Mobile Development

Sencha Mobile Development- Advantages Businesses Should Take On

30 Sep 2016 Posted by HTMLPanda Tags: , , , , , ,

Sencha mobile development services allow developers to create cross-platform apps using a single code base. Applications designed using Sencha Touch are highly flexible with respect to their sensitivity to touch events. Hiring experienced Sencha touch app developers ensure you with high quality yet cost-effective mobile applications. These days, businesses need to move ahead with a […]

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Sencha Touch vs Phonegap vs Titanium: A Comprehensive Guide To Help You Choose The Best

04 Dec 2015 Posted by HTMLPanda Tags: , , , , , ,

Mobile apps are everywhere and touching your lives in every way possible. It has almost become a solution to any kind of issues you might face during the day to day dealings. Whether you need a taxi to go home or buy movie tickets sitting in the comfort of your house, mobile apps can do […]

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Sencha Space 1.3 GA: Eases Deploying Apps for Any Smartphone & Platform

17 Feb 2015 Posted by HTMLPanda

Sencha Space has come up with Sencha Space 1.3 GA (a next update of Sencha Space 1.2). The Sencha space is an application management tool that helps the developers and the development organizations to streamline the development of the better app as well as simplify the deployment on different platforms. This tool comprises 2 most […]

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jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch: Which One Is Better!

14 Nov 2014 Posted by HTMLPanda

Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile are the robust mobile app development platforms. The proliferation of app demand has given birth to various app development platforms. Among them, Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile have become popular. Both of these platforms have different features and hence, they can be used for different purposes. Therefore, it will be […]

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Sencha Space 1.2: App Management Tool for Desktop, Smartphone & Tablet

03 Nov 2014 Posted by HTMLPanda

Sencha Space 1.2, an application management platform is now available. This platform empowers developers to manage the application deployment and development for cross-platform. This platform is equipped with 2 amazing features: The Admin console app that the administrators will use to manage the application and data (available on the cloud or on-premise). An application that […]

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Sencha 2.3.1: Get Insights to Latest Sencha Touch’s Version

30 Jan 2014 Posted by HTMLPanda Tags:

Sencha Touch – a mobile application development framework that is introduced to develop smartphone application with richer user experience. Today, more than 50% of the world’s population owns the smartphone and it is believed that the figure is gradually increasing day-by-day. The smartphone apps are very complex to build because there are varieties of platforms. […]

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