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How to Secure Your Magento E-Commerce Store from Hackers?

Secure Your Magento E-Commerce Store - HTMLPanda
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Are you running a successful e-commerce store? Do you urge to keep your online store secure from hackers and other security breaches? This blog will talk holistically about the best-proven ways to secure your Magento e-commerce store. Stay tuned!

Security has always been the foremost concern for all the business owners of an e-commerce store as e-commerce sites are an easy target for hackers due to the availability of payment and personal information. Thus, securing your Magento e-commerce store and making it a risk-free platform becomes crucial to win customers’ trust.

Magento has a significant impact on the e-commerce industry because of its regular updates and valuable features. Magento is a widely adopted CMS for e-commerce websites because it is well-equipped with in-built security features. Magento community insight says there are more than 250,000 merchants worldwide using Magento as their e-commerce platform.

If you are looking for starting an online store, you should always go with Magento e-commerce solution for your online store to enhance the customers’ shopping experience, thus maximizing your revenue.

Top 7 Proven Magento Security Tips to Protect Your E-Commerce Store

With the ever-increasing demand for e-commerce websites, the number of cybercriminals is also on the rapid rise as they are always waiting to pounce the moment they find a loophole in online stores. To overcome this challenge, we have handpicked some of the best-proven Magento security tips to implement in your e-commerce sites and keep the intruders far away.

Update to Latest Magento Version

Many Magento users think that upgrading to the latest Magento version is not a secure move; thus, they stand back from updating their old Magento sites. However, this is not true; in fact, developers always go through the meticulous testing and check the security patches issues in the newly launched version to deliver an error-free version of Magento.

Thus, updating your current Magento site to the latest version of Magento is a must-advisable. By doing so, you can leverage several benefits, such as avoiding unnecessary downtime, preventing the risk of hacking on your e-commerce site, essential upgrades, new features, bug fixes, and more.

Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Creating a strong password for your Magento-based e-commerce site is not enough. That’s the reason many online store owners are now opting for two-factor authentication (2FA) to avoid online security threats for their Magento e-commerce site.

With that said, Magento offers a reliable two-factor authentication extension that helps e-commerce store owners to upgrade their Magento admin login security and keeps them stress-free from password-related Magento security risks.

Choose the Right Magento Hosting

Those who have been in the online business for quite a while now know that shared hosting is not a safe option for any online business and e-commerce is not an exception. Thus, the managed Magento hosting platform is the right choice for you if you do not want to compromise with your Magento e-commerce security. Managed hosting covers all server security and patching and guarantees a robust Magento security.

Customized and Unique Admin URL

Hackers can easily brute-force to your Magento admin login page if you will access it through Thus, to prevent your e-commerce site with the attacks of intruders, you should always look for creating a customized and unique admin URL that is difficult for hackers to get through.

Also, adding a secret key to URL, which is only allowed to those who have access to the admin panel, is a must-advisable tip to enhance your Magento online store security.

Use an Encrypted SSL Connection

There is always a risk of data intercepting whenever you send data, such as login credentials across an unencrypted connection. Thus, using a secure Magento connection becomes vital for your Magento e-commerce store.

Getting a secure HTTPS/SSL URL is one of the most crucial elements that make your Magento e-commerce site PCI compliant. This way, you can create a secure shopping experience for your customers and win their trust.

Prevent MySQL Injection

When hackers succeed in MySQL attempts, they can easily access the data of your store, spoil consumers’ data, void transactions, and more. To eliminate this, with the latest version and patches, Magento provides reliable support to defeat any MySQL injection attack. Adding a robust web application firewall is also advised to keep your Magento e-commerce site well-secured.

Robust Backup Plan

A backup plan is one of the most considerable tips in terms of security because if your website gets hacked or let’s say crashes due to some reason, a backup plan will always ensure that you don’t get any disruption related to services. By storing website backup files, you can easily prevent data loss.

Magento 2 counters this as it has a set file system permissions that do an automatic check by creating a specific role in the platform. Apart from that, you should always practice the use of both cloud-based stored and hard disks backups to avoid interruption.


To conclude, there are many other ways to improve Magento security; however, in this blog, we have handpicked and listed only the major ones. Implementing all the mentioned Magento security tips will keep your e-commerce store secure from intruders and other security breaches. Always keep your Magento e-commerce store safe to engage with maximum customers that will result in better ROI.

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