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Benefits and Important Aspects of Converting PSD to HTML Email

Aspects of Converting PSD to HTML Email - HTMLPanda
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The number of online businesses is increasing every single day. This means your every single email matters a lot on the growth of the business. In this blog, we’re sharing some important aspects of HTML email and its benefits.

PSD to email template conversion has become a successful medium for every business to link with mobile users. It has been evaluated that today almost 81% of the world population is having smartphones and most of them are likely to read email or browse the internet through their mobile gadgets.

Hence, it has become essential for the business to adopt changes in their strategy to link with customers. Thus, PSD to Email Template conversion has been introduced among the industries.

Email is the oldest as well as an effective tool for making the business task smooth. The wave of evolution in technology has demanded the transformation of email to the responsive email template that can only be possible by converting PSD to HTML Email. Before letting you known the advantages of converting PSD to HTML email. Let’s have a look at the basics.

Benefits of Converting PSD to HTML Email

PSD is a powerful designing tool for designers to create the utmost design with pixel perfection layout. After this, the design is converted to email templates. Converting PSD to HTML has lots of benefits, let’s have a glimpse.


PSD to Email templates ensures a consistent platform for the sender. So that readers will get acknowledged with the correct message that business wants to forward.

Time/Cost Management

PSD to email template saves lots of time and cost of business enterprise in many ways. As it is the predefined design, the senders do not need to customize the email repetitively. Hence, this will save valuable time of the sender, while forwarding the mail. Secondly, with saving time the sender can indulge in other productive activities.

W3C Compliant

When it comes to the importance of PSD to HTML conversion, it ensures W3C standards. Accomplishing the processes like slicing, designing, coding and creating websites not only helps you in easy validation but also helps you in obtaining an optimized HTML solution.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The most interesting thing about PSD to HTML email is that it supports cross-browser compatibility and thus can function on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Having cross-browsers compatibility makes your template easily accessible.

Smooth Connection

PSD to email template helps businesses in connecting with the customer at ease. Converting PSD to HTML email template gives the responsive layout to the email. It ensures that mobile users can easily access the email and read that or either be converted to customers.

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Important Aspects of PSD to Email Template Conversion

Some PSD to Email template conversions go wrong and left business’s administrator wonder about what is going wrong. PSD to Email template conversion should be processed with the focusing on lots of aspects that are mentioned as follows.

Table-Less Structure

PSD to Email Template conversion should be coded with CSS. Because CSS makes the template lightweight and slows down the turnaround time or loading time of email at the mobile gadgets.

Pixel Perfection

The pixel-perfect theme possesses no blur at the screen. Hence, PSD to email template conversion should be encapsulated with the pixel-perfect theme.

Multiple Platforms Compatibility

There are lots of email platforms. Hence, it should be tested that the email template is smoothly working on all the latest platforms. Besides all these, email templates should be hand-coded. Because the hand-coded design gives the organized structure to the email template and ensures an easier compilation email platform.


PSD to email template conversion is the best tool for businesses to attract more customers. Hence, it should be configured with the finest strategy that can bestow the best shape out of it. Hopefully, you are now aware of the effective conversion of PSD to the Email template.

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