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Responsive Email Templates for Gmail Service Provider

Responsive Email Templates For Gmail
Posted by HTMLPanda

At present, Gmail responsive email templates has become the most important asset for email campaign all around the world. It has been surveyed that billions of people are associated with Gmail platform. Even with the advents of smartphones and tablets, people prefer using Gmail platform on their gadgets. Thus, it has given birth to the concept of responsive email templates that can work on the Gmail platforms and offer the compelling user-experience.

What is Gmail & How it Works

Gmail is the free email service provided by Google that can be accessed with the help of different web browsers. This platform provides 2GB of mail storage facility to every user. This comes with Google search engine that eases the email (which is received or sent) searching for the user. It maintains conversation in the best way.

Nowadays, as the smartphones and their platforms have become trends all across the world. Various platforms supporting Gmail services have been released in the market, so that all the users can easily access the email services on their phone/tablet (of any platform) at ease. The Gmail platform basically compiles HTML5 & CSS3 to present the mail to users.

What is Responsive Email Templates for Gmail

Responsive email templates for Gmail are the emails that work on different devices and bestow the best user experience. These kinds of templates are programmed with the help web technologies (HTML5 & CSS3). For developing the Gmail responsive email templates, there is a requirement of the finest coding skill in HTML5/CSS3 and knowledge regarding different devices in the market. Therefore, if you want to compose the Gmail-oriented responsive email templates, you need to hire HTMLPanda, a recognized organization for developing email templates.

Why to Choose HTMLPanda for Email Templates Development

HTMLPanda is the company, where the team of specialists works relentlessly in developing the email template. Their team knows all the OSs (Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows) and their architectures. The research department of this company analyzes all the latest features in the platforms, so that they can provide the fabulous email template to their customers. They use different standards according to the facets of email templates. Their policy is cost-effective and offers the following benefits :

  • Well Structured & Marked Up Properly With HTML Coding
  • Support Gmail Based Multiple Platforms
  • Minimum Delivery Time
  • Maintain Consistency In Every Feature of Design and Content
  • Ready To Sign Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Embed Inline Optimized CSS Properly
  • Implement Pixel Perfect Layout and Retina Display Effect
  • Properly Commented Markup
  • Easy To Be Customized and Reused

Supported Platform: Responsive Email Templates for Gmail

They test all the Gmail email templates to ensure that these templates work smoothly on the OSs and offer the pleasing experience to the readers. It will also become easy for senders to customize the email’s content. The list of their supported platforms has been given below:

  • Gmail (Chrome)
  • Gmail (Explorer)
  • Gmail (Firefox)
  • Gmail (Android Browser)
  • Gmail App (Android 4.0)
  • Gmail (iOS 7)

With the changing times, they modify the development strategy according to the different Gmail platforms. Hence, the client will experience the feature in the Email templates. Their prime objective to provide the templates that procure all client’s required features excellently. The technical assistance department works day and night to give 24/7 service and ensure that their clients will never face any kind of hassle regarding deployment of the email.

For clarifying all your doubts regarding “Responsive Email Templates for Gmail” Service, reach Our FAQ Page to clarify all your doubt.

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