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Responsive Email Templates for MailChimp Service Provider

Responsive Email Templates for MailChimp
Posted by HTMLPanda

Responsive email template for MailChimp accelerates your email marketing campaign profitably. MailChimp has now become the famous email platform all around the world. More than 6 million people are using this platform to send billion emails. At present, smartphones are being used by 90% of world’s population and almost all of them like to access email through the phone. This clearly shows that making investment in developing MailChimp’s responsive email templates will automatically increase the chance of getting more customers.

Introduction About MailChimp & How It Works

MailChimp is a web-oriented application that is programmed with tremendous features to make the email marketing easy. This is the powerful email application that enables user to manage the contact information, conversation and many more.

It comes with amazing analytics functionality that gives the information about how your email marketing is going in metrics form. It comes with various advanced functions, such as it makes the contents’ creation easy, it supports automation feature that sends email on the set time and many more. MailChimp understands the HTML5 and CSS3 language. It converts tag elements defined by these web languages into email content.

What is Responsive Email Template For MailChimp

Responsive Email Template For MailChimp is very similar to email template, but it can work on all the devices, such as smartphones, desktop, tablet and laptop. On all the devices, it offers the uniform user-experience and similar functionality. It is completely coded with the help of HTML and CSS. The HTML is the powerful web technology as it supports standard features. Developing the MailChimp based Responsive Email Template necessitates high-level skill in HTML and CSS coding, that you can find in HTMLPanda’s developers.

Why To Choose HTMLPanda For MailChimp’s Email Development

HTMLPanda is a recognized Web app and Email Template development company. Our company has a team of specialists, who have superb analytical, designing and development skills. They are versed with the complete architecture of MailChimp and know how to code Email Theme in the best way, so that it will work seamlessly on all the platforms. Our team knows all the trends in the market that what design should be implemented, what functional features to be integrated to benefit our client and many more. We are considerate about clients’ business, thus our policy is customer-centric. Our company offers the following benefits, let’s have a glance over them:

  • 100% Responsive Design and Compatibility Support
  • Follow Hand-Coded Method For Template Designing
  • Implement Well Structured HTML Coding
  • Use CSS with Inline Property
  • Deploy Consistency in Design & Content
  • Ready To Sign Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Engineer the Template with Pixel Perfect Layout For Compelling Design
  • Offer Retina Display Effects
  • Minimum Delivery Time
  • Deliver Tested Product

Compatible Platforms: Responsive Email Templates For MailChimp

We ensure that all the MailChimp’s email templates come with complete support for mobile based platforms, such as Android (4.0+) and iOS (7.0+) . Moreover, we take care that email templates run in the browser engine smoothly and offer the unparalleled experience to the user. Therefore, it will become easy for the user to manage the email content.

Our team follows different development strategies according to the different changes made by the MailChimp. Thus, our clients will not face any kind of problem in using the email template. We work with prime objective of delivering the templates that cover all the client’s required features. Our technical assistance team is always be there for our customers to make sure that they will never experience any difficulty in using the email templates.

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