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Top Advantages of Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design
Posted by HTMLPanda

The landscape of technology is changing as web browsing continues to grow via mobile phones and tablets & there is no denying that responsive web design is in popularity since Google announced that mobile-friendly. Explore here some of the top benefits of a responsive website.

Responsive website design is the answer to every website development that will enable all the websites to work smoothly on all smartphone devices. According to the current scenario, about 50% of mobile users use smartphones to access the internet.

Therefore, it has become mandatory to make website work on the mobile phone with the same experience interface as on the desktop. Thus, designing a responsive webpage will surely tend to the development of a responsive website. Responsive web design has come up with lots of exhilarating advantages that developers/webmasters can’t imagine like;

What is Responsive Web Design?

When it comes to responsive website design, it’s an approach that advocates the creation of a design that can respond to users’ behavior based on platform, screen size, and orientation. The process of creating a responsive website design involves mixing layouts and flexible grids, pictures, and perfect use of CSS media queries.

What are Responsive Web Design Examples?

Take a look at some top-notch responsive website designs that earned vast popularity among people.

  • Dropbox
  • Fluid Grids
  • Dribble
  • Magic Leap
  • Github
  • Flexible Visuals and more

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Increased Mobile Traffic

Since mobile users are growing at a fast pace, so having a responsive website that functions flawlessly on small screens can generate more traffic. Another crucial thing that increases the popularity of responsive web design is it can provide a boost at the lowest development cost.

Easy and Quick Development

When compared to a stand-alone mobile application, a responsive website takes lesser time to develop and thus can be deployed without taking so much time. Since the development cost is directly related to the total development time. Therefore, the development cost of crafting responsive website design is highly affordable.

Lesser Maintenance Cost

When it comes to the process of responsive design, it is something that makes the use of standardized methodologies for ensuring optimal layout on every screen. Since responsive web design is common for all, be it mobile devices or desktop, so it doesn’t require a separate content strategy for mobile and desktop websites.

It minimizes the maintenance cost and time for responsive web design and thus lets you focus on other crucial things like marketing to increase conversion to make your business profitable.

Quick Page Load

The design of your website page needs to be well optimized for tablets and smartphones to navigate properly to improve user experience. Make sure that your responsive web page leverages advanced performance techniques, including responsive image display, caching, etc.

Minimized Bounce Rate

As it’s a known fact that responsive website design delivers an improved user experience. It prompts users to stick for a longer time on your site to engage with multiple contents. It works effectively in minimizing the bounce rate of your content.

Analytic Reporting

There are many analytics tools, including Google and others, supporting responsive websites and let you gather user’s insight and deliver a detailed report based on it. This way, it lets you analyze how your content performs on multiple devices.

No Need of Multiple URL

Having responsive web design allows the webmaster to create a single website, hence there is a single URL for one website. So, there’s no requirement for two or more URLs. It will also decrease the cost of maintenance for more than one URL of a single site. An interesting thing is that it has become easy for users to remember multiple sites to browse for interacting with the business.

Amazing User Experience

Responsive web design allows the webmaster to deploy the site, considering only the pleasing look and giving users the same as they are having on desktop. The reason is that responsive web design allows the websites to get allocated with an accurate dimension of the display screen.

It enables faster access to the site for the user. Responsive design eases the content viewing as professionals enable with vertical scrolling and the vertical scrolling is much better than horizontal scrolling. It allows the business to widen its sales and connect with loyal customers.

Search-Engine Friendly

Responsive web designs enable the webmaster to define only one URL for the site. It is beneficial for the search engine to maintain the index of the site and can optimize the ranking of the site. It boosts local citations and can bring more traffic to the business website. It can establish a trusted relationship between the audience and the business.

Combine Multiple Channels

Responsive web design ensures the best aid in binding users at varied channels. Responsive websites can utilize the single-channel effectively to further the brand value in a different division of the market.

Allow Content Publishing at Single Base

Responsive web design enables the webmaster to maintain websites easily It also enables a single site for multiple devices. So, there is no need to update the content at multiple URLs.

It becomes easy for the webmaster to change the content freely without any worry about how the content will appear at different devices. It will reflect a single change at multiple website devices.

Improved Conversion Rate

The minimized bounce rate of your responsive website indicates that users stay for a longer time duration on your site. They go through your products and services in detail and also get enough time to decide to opt for your products and services. It works effectively in increasing the conversion rate of your website.


Responsive web design aids webmasters/developers/designers in terms of cost/time/productivity. it also enables website owners to think about the look and no need to worry about multiple coding.

Hopefully, you are now aware of the advantages of responsive web design. If you have any confusion or any new ideas regarding this blog, you can write your views in the comment section given below.

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