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Responsive Email Templates Design: Guidelines for Effective Designing

Responsive Email Templates Design
Posted by HTMLPanda

Undoubtedly, email has been the long years’ old practice for business to be connected with the audience. It is still be the effective and efficient medium, but with little difference. Now, Email has been transformed to Responsive Email Template. With changing times, we all have witnessed the drastic change in the behavior of people, dealing with the Internet. They are mostly connected with the internet through smartphones as well as tablets. Hence, various industries have also adopted the “Responsive Email Templates Design”.

Responsive Email Templates are very much different from the standard emails. Responsive Email scales its dimension according to the display screen. So that readers can read mail hassle-free. But, every Responsive Email templates are not very effective, they lag some basic aspects and hence, tend to cost a lot for the business. There are some basic features need to focused, while deploying responsive email template design like:

1. Pixel Perfection: Pixel-perfect is the most important aspect. The pixel-perfect image reflects smooth illustration, i.e. without any blur. Hence, it should be ensured that the responsive email templates design has perfectly coordinated pixel at the display screen.

2. Table-less Coding: Sometimes, responsive email templates design takes a lot of time, while loading at the display screen. This irritates the readers and hence, they either delete the mail or shift the mail to the trash. The reason behind the slow loading is mostly the table based coding. Try to implement CSS for email template. CSS provides amazing framework for easily positioning elements in the email content. And, also makes email template lighter to be easily loaded at the platform.

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility: As, there are lots of email applications/platforms in the market. So, it is required that email template design should be tested with every platform that whether it is working effectively or not.

4. Hand-coded Design: The hand-coded design gives the well-organized structure to the email template. So that it will be easy for email platform to compile email effectively and give the desired output as it is meant.

After adopting all these features, the responsive email template design will surely be seamless and will add star to the business reputation.


Responsive email template design is an effective media to approach the customers. Hence, it is required to code email template with perfect strategy. So that the cost and time of the business will get wasted. Hope that you all are now aware about the how to code the best responsive email template design, if you have any problem, then you can write on the comment section given below.

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