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Custom WordPress Vs Template Website: What’s Right for Your Business?

Custom WordPress Site vs Template Website
Posted by HTMLPanda

Developing a website shouldn’t be done in a hurry; a winning website requires in-depth research, a lot of focus, and patience. In this blog, we’ll tell you whether you should choose a custom WP website or a template website for your business.

Do you know that over 455 million websites are built on the WordPress platform and with that WordPress market share is 35% of all websites in the world? With numerous benefits, WordPress tops the list of three most often used site builders in the world. However, when it comes to WordPress website development, there is often a clash between choosing custom vs template design. However, the Template and custom both themes have their pros and cons.

Design matters a lot in web development as functionality and content play a huge role in the user experience. As per the recent stats, it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website and 38% of people stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Thus, businesses need to consider the pros and cons of a template and custom design before making a final decision.

Custom WordPress Website vs Template Theme: Pros and Cons

Custom WordPress Website

Custom-built websites are all about building sites from scratch specifically for you that are tailored to your business needs. For a custom website development, you need to hire a professional web development company that can develop a winning WordPress site for your business. Let’s delve deeper to discuss the pros and cons of building a custom WordPress site.

Pros of Custom WP Site

  • Always Business-Centric – Custom-built WordPress sites are pre-decided templates, and built to ensure all business needs are covered. Developers consider the specific business requirements and create a unique, responsive WordPress website that looks and feels professional and functions the best.
  • Well-Compliant with SEO – Custom-built websites with a user-friendly portal always secure a higher ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). By opting for custom design, businesses can have an SEO compliant site from the very first day it’s built, thus boosting the SEO of your site.
  • Flexibility and customization – A custom-built site is designed along the lines of specific business needs which enhances the scalability and flexibility of the entire website. A custom-designed website includes all the extra features that are missing in a template theme.
  • Greater support – With custom website development, you get all the access to greater support during the design and the development process, and the website design will likely be implemented for you. That means you do not have to do a lot on your own.

Cons of Custom WP Site

  • Time-consuming – WordPress custom-designing requires a great deal of knowledge and skills and it takes a huge amount of time to give a custom-website a unique look, feel, shape, and structure that you have envisioned. From developing to testing, you need to give a custom-website some time.
  • A bit expensive – Custom-website needs expert programming, thus small-sized businesses should refrain from opting for custom site development. Though it’s adaptive and functions well, a custom WP site might take all your savings.

WordPress Template Website

Template themes are pre-set, ready-made themes, and templates that are available in WordPress stores that go easy on your pocket and take a shorter amount of time in developing the website. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of building a template WordPress site.

Pros of Template WordPress Site

  • Highly customizable – Even though WordPress template designs are made with the concept ‘one-size-fits-all,’ they are still highly-customizable. You can change the font, text size, layout, colors, and other considerable things as per your business needs.
  • Pocket-friendly – It is always advisable to choose a WordPress template theme if you have a budget constraint. Even paid themes are priced somewhere between $10 – $100, which is affordable for any business, irrespective of sizes.
  • Faster and Scalable – Installing a WordPress template theme is easier and faster. Once you have installed your desired theme, you are good to go. Besides, WordPress template sites are easy to scale as they are designed to work quicker than custom themes.
  • SEO-friendly – Most of the WordPress themes come with ready-made SEO solutions, and even if you end up choosing a non-optimized theme, there are tons of plugins available that can make your site fully SEO optimized.
  • Long-term support – Most of the WordPress themes (especially paid themes) come with long-term developer support without any extra cost. This means that you don’t have to worry about WordPress updates or changes.

Cons of Template WordPress Site

  • Not custom – While there are a lot of customization options, you’re ultimately bound to the theme’s elements and design in many ways. If you need complex features or customization, you’ll need to do by yourself.
  • Inadequate technical support – There is less technical support available to troubleshoot problems that are encountered in web themes. The non-availability of technical support reduces the reliability of WordPress theme sites.


To conclude, we have discussed the number of considerable factors related to custom WP design and template design. Now that you understand the pros and cons of each, you can decide which one is right between Custom WordPress site vs Template website for a successful website development based on your business needs.

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