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Reasons why you should Opt for Mobile-Friendly Website Development

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The upsurging trend of mobile-friendly websites came into existence after search engine giant Google released the update called Mobilegeddon. Through this move, all the search results of non-mobile friendly websites witnessed turmoils within a week that lead to huge revenue loss for the businesses that are earning through the website.

To improve the user experience and search quality, Google rolled out different updates. Earlier the Panda and Penguin updates had lead to around 12% and 3% changes in the search result. Google’s Mobilegeddon update aimed to support only those websites that pass the criteria of mobile-friendliness. This has also increased the demand of mobile-friendly website development.

Explore More Reasons Behind Launching Mobilegeddon

There is a dramatic rise in the usage of smartphones and tablets all around the world. Moreover, browsing at the desktop is decreasing at a fast pace worldwide. Today, people are increasingly spending more time on their mobile devices for searching or browsing.

Therefore, Google has come up with an update that only allows mobile-friendly websites to appear in the searches and help users access it. Google’s office has also declared that the ranking of the websites will improve based on mobile-friendliness, and this will impact the search results of all languages worldwide soon.

Why Business should Choose Mobile-Friendly Website Development

Here are several benefits that your business can avail once you opt for mobile-friendly website development.

Growing Mobile Users

As mentioned above, mobile users are growing at a fast pace. There are possibilities that your users might be using mobile devices to access your websites. So, if your website is not mobile responsive, it will not appear on mobile in the same way as on desktop, and your users will be deprived of getting the required information. And finally, they will avoid accessing your website.

Improve User Experience

Many researches and surveys already revealed that the majority of users don’t prefer to engage with those websites that fail to deliver a good user experience. In other words, a good user experience nowadays is a crucial factor that plays a pivotal role to make your website engaging.

When it comes to a mobile-friendly website, it includes many elements that work great in improving the experience of users, including, good design, highlighted call to action, increased the loading speed, keeping typography clear, simple navigation, and more.

Boost your Presence

A mobile-friendly website for your business lets you target a wide section of mobile users. Another interesting fact about a responsive website is that it eases out the complications involved in online sharing and lets visitors share anything hassle-free.

When it comes to ranking, Google always gives preferences to those websites blessed with a mobile-friendly design. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website is a one-stop solution to boost your customer base, and thus you can maximize the growth of your business.

It Creates Trust

Whether you operate a B2B, B2C, or similar business, you can’t ignore the need for a mobile-friendly website. No matter what types of customers you are targeting, there is a possibility that they will access your website with mobile devices. In case, your website includes a mobile-friendly design, it will improve user experience, and they will perceive your brand as more reliable and trustworthy.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s a crucial factor that plays a vital role in making your business highly progressive and profitable. Since the majority of customers nowadays are mobile users.


Mobilgeddon update is gradually affecting all the websites. If you haven’t got hit yet even your website is non-mobile friendly, then don’t wait for the consequences that lead to hampering your business. Go for the mobile-friendly website development by having the service from a reliable agency.

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