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Google’s Mobilegeddon Update: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly With Us

Google’s Mobilegeddon Update
Posted by HTMLPanda

The giant search engine Google has recently released an update called, Mobilegeddon that favors only the mobile-friendly websites. Through this move, all the search results of non-mobile friendly websites will surely get into turmoil within a week that leads to huge revenue loss for the businesses that are earning through website.

In order to improve the user-experience and search quality, Google rolls out different updates. Earlier the Panda and Penguin updates had lead to around 12% and 3% changes in the search result. This time as mobile devices have become trend, Google decided to launch Mobilegeddon, which will support only those websites that pass the criteria of mobile-friendliness.

Explore More Reasons Behind Launching Mobilegeddon

There is a dramatic rise in the usage of smartphones and tablets all around the world. According to the report, around 60% of the web traffic is flowing through mobile devices. Moreover, the browsing at desktop is decreasing with a fast pace worldwide. It is also found that people are increasingly spending more time on their mobile device for searching or browsing.

Therefore, Google has come up with the update that only allows mobile-friendly websites to be accessed through the mobile searches. The Google’s official has also declared that the ranking of the websites will be done on the basis of mobile-friendliness and this will impact the search results of all languages worldwide soon.

What to Do in Order to Save Online Business

The best way to save the online business is launching the responsive website. You may be wondering about the mobile application. Launching the mobile application is also a good idea, but this will demand more time, effort and investment because here, the users have to keep eye on website and mobile application. Although the mobile application can boost ranking in search result, it can only be considered, when there is a requirement of delivering the services that can only be possible with the help of smartphone and other mobile devices. You should not only prioritize search engine optimization, but also give importance to the business.

How Responsive Website is a Better Option!

Building the responsive website can cater lots of benefits for your business, some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is easy to maintain because there is a single URL that webmaster can comfortably maintain and check.
  • Search engine can easily manage the index of website’s URL and hence favor the responsive websites.
  • This is a future-proof approach as it makes the website accessible through all the mobile devices that are currently available in the market or will be launched in the future.
  • This approach will make your website mobile-friendly.

To help the users to know more about their own websites, Google has also launched a feature test your website at

Mobile Friendly Test

For implementing the mobile-friendly website, you can think of HTMLPanda, a renowned organization in the USA that provides PSD to HTML/XHTML/Email Template conversion, mobile application and website development for all types of businesses, such as e-commerce, enterprise-centric and many more. We have dedicated developers, who can implement the mobile-centric feature into your website and help your business maintain space in the online world. If you are thinking of having mobile application or mobile-friendly email templates, in these cases, you can trust HTMLPanda too.

Our team has worked with multifold businesses all around the world and delivered the satisfied result to the clients all around the world. The business workflow strategy is highly-flexible, so that anyone can work with us without any hassle.


Mobilgeddon update is gradually affecting all the websites. If you haven’t got hit yet even your website is non-mobile friendly, then don’t wait for the consequences that leads to hampering your business. Go for mobile-friendly website by having the service from HTMLPanda. We will definitely help you launch the website that fulfills the criteria for Mobilgeddon within stipulated duration.

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