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Top 6 Tips to Design Responsive Email to Add Professionalism in Email

Responsive Email Design
Posted by HTMLPanda

Today, deploying responsive email template has become essential for all the businesses because more than 60% of the people like to read the emails on their mobile devices. But, at present, around 26% of the businesses are using responsive email templates while the others are using the desktop-centric because they do not know that the responsive email template is as important as responsive website.

It is not easy to design responsive email. While creating the responsive email templates, there are lots of things that everyone should take care of. What those things that every business should consider, here is the list:

Implement Mobile-First Approach

The mobile-first approach simply means that during the development of the template, everyone should think about the mobile interface first. By doing this, it becomes easy for them to focus on every imperative element that is required in responsive email designing.

Deploy Your CSS Inline

In order to make responsive email template effective, it is better to deploy the CSS inline and use all the HTML attributes. This will make it easy for the client’s platform to present your email. There are various tools available on the internet that can help you inline the HTML/CSS script.

Integrate Call-To-Action Button Link By Using HTML Table

In the email template, it is better to code button link with the help of HTML table instead of other tools. This makes the email page lighter. Moreover, there will be no performance issue. Remember that do not use any HTML attribute, like <ul>, <ol>, etc. In place of this, you should use the bullet character structured inside the HTML table.

Make Content Mobile-Friendly

Besides creating the responsive template, it is imperative to make the content readable at the mobile platforms. Choose the best attribute for font, layout, graphics and images that make it comfortable for the customers to read the email content. In a nutshell, you should consider the user-experience.

Test Every Feature Of Email Template

Before using the email template, test that template thoroughly at different platforms and check that whether the template is working uniformly on all the systems or not. After this, test every feature, like button, content and broken links.

Explore Other Designs For Inspiration

Discover the trends in email design on the internet. There are various esteemed sources on internet that can help you know that what is trending in the email designing, so that you can use them in your design and easily grab the customer’s attention.


Hopefully all these tips will help you craft the best responsive email template design for your business. If we miss any imperative point here or you have any doubt in any of the above tips, then share with us.

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