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How to Create High Converting Landing Pages in WordPress (That Bring in Customers)

High Converting Landing Pages in WordPress
Posted by HTMLPanda

Do you want to build landing pages with WordPress that convert crazily, bring in customers, and get you more money? Of course, you do. This blog tells you how to create killer landing pages with WordPress, turning the landed visitors into customers and leads.

Landing pages are a critical part of any website. In fact, these pages can be the cornerstone of any successful online business. However, most companies know and even admit this, yet they overlook the importance of emphasizing landing pages while creating a website.

Ask any prominent website development company, and they will tell you how landing pages can be businesses’ secret tools to persuade visitors to become potential customers.

Landing pages are an indispensable part of marketing. If done right (with a well-thought-out approach), you can actually drive better conversions, turn visitors into leads, anDEd maximize your revenue.

Don’t believe our words? Trust the proof then.

Conversion Rate Experts made $1 million for Moz using landing page optimization. You read it right!

Having said that, setting up landing pages in WordPress is a great way to capture visitors’ attention? How? We will discuss it later in this blog. First, let’s dig into the basics of a landing page and understand its mechanism.

Ready? Let’s get started!

What Is a Landing Page?

As the name suggests, landing pages are where visitors land first on the website.

A landing page is a standalone web page specially designed to persuade visitors to take necessary action to increase sales and collect more leads. It’s basically a purpose-built web page business used to increase sales by generating more leads.

In short, landing pages are a robust marketing tool that serves both as a traffic and conversion generating machine. They are widely used in paid marketing, email, and social media campaigns. That said, a landing page is a helpful, result-driven tool that generates better conversion and captures leads effectively.

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Persuading visitors to take action without appearing pushy is a heck of a task. That’s why you need to emphasize creating a great landing page. What does it take to craft a good, killer, and high converting landing page? Let’s find out!

There are five essentials of a great landing page, and that are — attention-grabbing headlines, eye-catching images, concise (and persuasive) copy, show some urgency, and the most important one is clear and relevant CTAs. If you can master these essentials well, you can indeed make a great landing page.

Why Choose WordPress for Making Landing Pages?

WordPress needs no introduction. It’s the most popular CMS globally, powering 42% of all websites with over 65% market share in the CMS market. WordPress popularity can help you reach a wider audience. Hence, many businesses invest in WordPress website development.

Moreover, with thousands of plugins, built-in (responsive) themes, etc., you can create “crazily converting” landing pages without too much of a hassle. Plugins make building landing pages easy, drag and drop editor makes creating WordPress landing pages effortless by moving elements across the page.

In fact, each landing page you create with WP is highly optimized and mobile-friendly. Considering these offerings of WordPress, businesses even seek the help of a creative and skilled WordPress design agency that can craft great landing pages and help you bring in loads of customers.

How to Build Killer Landing Pages with WordPress (That Convert Highly)

Method 1: Using Plugins

Creating landing pages in WordPress with plugins is as easy as breathing. You don’t need to make extra efforts for that. That said, SeedProd is one of the best WordPress landing page plugins available in the market. All you have to do is install this plugin, and voila! You get easy to use, drag-and-drop builder, hundreds of templates, and ready-made landing page blocks to boost conversions.

This is the easiest and proven-to-work method for all types of businesses. Numerous tutorials are available to help you understand how to use SeedProd to make a high converting landing page with WordPress. We’ve handpicked one video tutorial for you. Have a look!

Method 2: Using Built-In Themes

If you’re looking for the reasons to choose WordPress, “plugins and themes” are the ones. They are the real power of WordPress that many businesses often overlook. Many of us know that WP offers oodles of optimized themes for free yet very few of us utilize these themes to the fullest.

Using WordPress built-in themes, you can create basic yet compelling landing pages.

Just navigate through your WP dashboard, click on pages > add new, set template in the “page-attributes” box from “default” to “landing page,” and that’s it, hit publish once you’re done. With built-in WP themes, you can easily create basic pages without further investment in tools, developers, and other resources.

Method 3: Using Drag & Drop Builders

Drag and drop website builders can do wonders if used rightly. Beaver, Elementor, and Divi are popular drag and drop WordPress page builders that enable businesses to create landing pages using ready-made templates (easily modifiable) with simple drag and drop tools. That said, Elementor vs Divi is always the topic of debate when it’s about choosing WP builders.

All you need to do is install any of the web builders of your choice, configure them, and you’re good to build conversion-driven landing pages.

The best thing about these drag and drop website builders is they work with all top WordPress themes, making the task even easier for you than ever. Moreover, all these builders offer flexibility and easy customization options, allowing website owners to craft purpose-driven landing pages that assure conversion and leads.

Method 4: Using OptinMonster

A well-crafted landing page converts highly, resulting in visitors turning into loyal customers. How to make that happen? A simple answer is, leverage OptinMonster. It is the most powerful lead generation software available in the market as of now.

It’s super easy and doesn’t require any knowledge of coding or so. All you need to do is grab a copy of OptinMonster, and that’s all! You’re all set to build landing pages that supersede rivals.

Method 5: Using Customized Templates

All said and done! Nothing can beat a customized landing page design tailored to meet your business wants (and needs). And that’s why you need to hire a custom web development company that can build landing pages exactly as you want and need to prosper in today’s fiercely competitive world.

A custom landing page building agency pays attention to design details, and that’s how they make conversion-optimized landing pages that bring in lots of bucks. Along with that, a good custom web design agency also enables you to connect your email marketing service to your website through API.

Closing Thought

Creating a landing page in WordPress (with a well-thought-out approach) is easy, cost-effective, and time-saving. That said, WP landing pages can help you bring in lots of customers. We hope this article helped you understand how to create high-converting landing pages in WordPress. Use any of the methods mentioned above and craft compelling landing pages that convert visitors into customers.

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