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7 Must-Have E-Commerce Email Template Designs for Your Online Business

E-Commerce Email Template
Posted by HTMLPanda

Are you into an online business, looking to increase your user base by sending out engaging emails to your subscribers and (to be subscribers)? You’ve reached the right post. This blog lists top e-commerce email templates that you can use to gain customers and maximize your ROI by 122%.

E-commerce is one of the steadily thriving industries that has been making huge gains for over a decade now. With people increasingly relying on online shopping more than ever, it is estimated that 95% of the purchases will be made online by 2040. Unquestionably, e-commerce is opening the doors of opportunity for everyone.

That said, when e-commerce is coupled with email marketing, it becomes 2x powerful. With e-commerce email marketing templates, businesses can promote products to existing or potential customers. In fact, merchants design persuasive email templates for marketing campaigns to attract more buyers.

However, using any email won’t help you connect with your buyers and potential buyers; you need to figure out what type of copy, visual elements, and strategies your customers can resonate with rightly. That’s where e-commerce email template designs come in. That’s why most e-commerce business owners opt for custom email template services to design pixel-perfect responsive e-commerce email templates.

A lot goes into email templates for e-commerce sites. There are so many things to consider for an attractive email template design. So let’s get to know about some best e-commerce email templates that you must have to increase your online sales and customer base. But before that, let’s understand what is an e-commerce email template design and why do you need an effective one.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

What Is an E-Commerce Email Template Design? Why Do You Need One?

An e-commerce email template is an HTML file prepared of reusable code modules, making it as easy as copying and pasting your content to create an email. In other words, an e-commerce email template design is a prewritten email that you can use to replace with your content so that you can quickly and easily write and create emails for your buyers and potential buyers.

The question arises, “why should you use an email template design?” Well, using e-commerce email template designs, businesses can quickly and easily create, write, and send emails without having to start from scratch or staring at a blank screen.

Using an email template, e-commerce business owners can save time, boost consistency, and reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right manner. Hence, many e-commerce business owners look for effective design tips to create eye-grabbing HTML email templates to maximize their sales.

7 Best E-Commerce Email Templates to Have for Your Online Store in 2021

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are not sales-persuading emails. They are welcoming emails that educate new shoppers about brands, products, offerings, etc. These emails have the highest open rate of all the emails. Around 60-70%, driving 3x transaction and revenue. Pretty high, right? Patagonia, West Elm, Rhone, Pandora, and many other e-commerce companies leverage welcome email templates for e-commerce in the best possible way.

Cart Abandonment Follow Up Emails

Around 69% of shoppers abandon their carts, costing e-commerce businesses approx $260 billion in lost revenue. Sounds scary? Don’t fret. You can remind buyers that there’s something in their cart using cart abandonment follow-up emails.

These emails are highly effective. Per Salesforce, 60% of buyers come back to purchase within 24 hours of receiving the email. Birchbox, Teefury, Google Store, and others leverage these types of emails to maximize sales.

Transactional Emails

The easiest way to increase touchpoints with your customers is by sending transactional emails. These emails are automatic emails sent in response to a specific trigger. Be it order and shipping confirmations, account creation, and billing emails, these are transactional emails.

Transactional emails can serve various purposes, such as building eagerness for the product, inviting shoppers to tell their friends about their purchases, etc. Dollar Shave Club, Zulily, Cult Beauty, and many others are using transactional email template designs to take their e-commerce businesses to a whole new level.

Promotional/Offer Emails

Buyers crave value. If your emails are adding value, you can keep their attention and generate more sales. That said, 72% of millennial shoppers respond to retargeting campaigns that offer discounts.

By sending promotional emails (with a balance) like offering discounts, free giveaways, etc., you can gain your buyers’ (and buyers-to-be) trust instantly; resulting in increased sales. By using the right e-commerce email templates to design promotional emails, you can attain maximum effectiveness. REI is an excellent example when it comes to using promotional email templates for incredible results.

Order Confirmation Emails

Honestly speaking, these emails can be a bit bland, given they’re usually receipts and confirmations that a shopper has successfully placed an order. These emails might appear irrelevant to you, but it’s really effective when it comes to running a successful e-commerce business.

In fact, every order confirmation email earns e-commerce stores $0.25 of extra revenue. You can take a look at so many companies such as Alo Yoga, Under Armour, and others that are leveraging order confirmation email template designs to ignite trust among their customers, set customer expectations, and keep a healthy relation with them.

Thank You Emails

Dropping a thank you email to your customers for their purchases or any other thing can be a great way of showing gratitude. Doing this makes them feel that they are the reason why you are in the business. Thank you email is probably the most commonly sent email of any industry.

That’s the reason you need to send personalized thank you emails to your customers. Besides, you can also add a coupon code in your thank you email to truly show your appreciation towards customers. Thanking your customers goes a long way. Don’t neglect this!

Post-Purchase Emails

If you think that the selling process ends at the point of purchase, you’re highly mistaken. It’s a never-ending process. Rewarding your customers with a post-purchase thank-you email can do wonders. What does it bring? Well, a post-purchase email can ultimately bring back a shopper for future purchases. Make sure your email is easily accessible and quick to skim, improving the overall purchase experience.

E-Commerce Email Template Designs: In Conclusion

When working in an e-commerce sphere, you must be always experimenting and trying new ways to attract customers. Using e-commerce email marketing templates is one great way to ensure your message reaches clearly and consistently to your customers and potential customers in the right way.

We hope now you know what are the must-have e-commerce email template designs you should use to maximize your sales in 2021 and even beyond. Take inspiration from these email templates or even emerging email template design trends and take your e-commerce business to a whole new level. Cheers!

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