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Top 9 Benefits of Lightspeed E-Commerce Store Development

Benefits of Lightspeed
Posted by HTMLPanda

Looking for a sales-driven, feature-packed, and modern e-commerce website builder with built-in marketing tools? Lightspeed is the right fit for you. This blog features the top benefits of Lightspeed e-commerce store development that will help you quickly scale your online business.

We can’t deny that the last decade has seen rapid growth in the acceptance of online shopping by many people. Thanks to the advent of technology, especially the internet. Due to the increase in internet access and adoption worldwide, people increasingly rely on online shopping. Therefore, the number of online buyers is surging every year.

As per ResearchGate, in 2021 (as yet), over 2 billion people purchased goods/services online, and online sales surpassed $4.5 trillion worldwide. And the numbers are only mounting every year.

But why is this method of selling so popular among people? Convenience would be the right word to answer this question. It is no wonder why experts think that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040.

Seeing this growing trend, businesses are gravitating towards online store development, seeking the most reputable e-commerce web development company that knows how to leverage a powerful e-commerce builder like Lightspeed and add a feather to their e-commerce business.

But, why should you choose Lightspeed for your retail business?

Being a feature-packed e-commerce builder, Lightspeed is geared towards mid-sized to large businesses. So if you (as a business) are thinking of going online, consider Lightspeed store development for its futuristic approach and wonderful selling performance.

We did thorough research and handpicked some top advantages of choosing Lightspeed for e-commerce store development to convince you more profoundly. But before jumping right to the list of benefits, we would like to introduce you to the basics of Lightspeed.

What Is Lightspeed?

Lightspeed entered the market as a point of sale (POS) system for restaurants and retailers that one can access from anywhere, at any time. Lately, the company has launched a cloud-based e-commerce system that allows users to manage in-store and online inventory. Therefore, offering best-in-class features for online stores.

Lightspeed offers multi-store capabilities such as inventory sync across all locations. Thus, streamlining the daily operations of your e-commerce business and accelerating your sales.

9 Advantages of Lightspeed Online Store Development

Designing Flexibility

Lightspeed’s design offerings are unmatched. You can pick a theme for your store and set it up without any technical skills, show all your product photos in every possible angle, leverage smoother navigation with regular updates, use menus and categories that match your design style, etc. In fact, you can even use HTML and CSS easily to customize the store and switch from one design to another without losing any product information.

Apt Order Management System

Lightspeed makes order management smooth as a feather. You (as a business) can customize your checkout tailored to consumers’ convenience, create discounts and promotions directly in the system, and export the data in a CSV file for later use. Besides, Lightspeed gives an overview of current orders and lets you add custom statuses to them. And lastly, the platform offers a hassle-free shipping solution for a better customer experience.

Built-In SEO Tools

Like any other retailers, if you aim to have an online store that ranks higher in search engine result pages (SERPs), Lightspeed is what you need because this platform truly cares about your site’s SEO. You can edit your metadata, titles, tags, descriptions, and meta descriptions. Also, all the Lightspeed’s themes are well-optimized with SEO’s latest and best practices. Hence, the store loads incredibly faster within seconds.

Result-Driven Marketing Tools

The best thing about Lightspeed is, it offers an array of marketing tools to help your online store grow. For example, you can integrate your store with email marketing providers, connect your website with social media, create a blog on your store, etc. Lightspeed helps the buyers find your store by implementing effective optimization and marketing techniques. Besides, shoppers can wish-list items and compare products using built-in tools.

Seamless Inventory Management

Taking care of the inventory is crucial for your online store’s success. That said, Lightspeed offers easy and smooth inventory management features, including the ability to implement product features so buyers can easily find what they are looking for. Besides, you can also create product categories, process returns, add and update product descriptions, add photos, and more.

Apps and Plugins

Plugins and apps power e-commerce builders. Lightspeed offers robust plugins and apps that help you sell faster. Whether you want to sell tickets or want to let your users sign in via a social platform, there are plugins and apps for that. Lightspeed offers over 90 different apps that anyone can install and extend their e-commerce store’s functionality regarding marketing, sales, customer support, accounting, shipping, and more.


Lightspeed is well-versed with omnichannel features such as shop locations, Google map, and tutorial present. This feature enables merchants to integrate online and in-stores into one platform to offer an incredible shopping experience. Besides, the feature also includes centralized inventory, customer tracking, report generation, and more.

International Sales

With various features, including multiple language support, 24/7 support by phone in English and other languages during specific business hours, currencies set up per country, worldwide shipping, and more, Lightspeed encourages international shipping.

Other than that, Lightspeed helps you expand your reach and connect to online shoppers globally. Also, Lightspeed handles mass traffic volumes; hence, the entire globe can surf on your website without any trouble.


Analyzing and figuring out how your online store is performing is vital to stay ahead in today’s competitive game. You need to check the insights. The best thing is Lightspeed gives you an overview of website traffic, bounce rate, conversion rates, A/B testing, and revenue generation.

This will help you understand every particular thing about your finances, from checking to total costs to average daily net profit. Therefore, you can plan and balance your investments accordingly.

Concluding Thoughts

Lightspeed is feature-packed, scalable, and speedy. All in all, Lightspeed is arguably one of the best and modern e-commerce builders today that comes with impressive, rich features and robust tools that can take your online store to a whole new level.

We hope these benefits of Lightspeed e-commerce store development encourage you to consider Lightspeed for your online store development. So don’t wait. Step ahead and give your store a decent start with Lightspeed today. What say?

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