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Why Large Businesses Prefer Drupal Over Any Other Platform?

Why Choose Drupal
Posted by HTMLPanda

Do you want your business to thrive and become the leader in the market? Of course, you do. And those who deny in the modesty; clearly lie.

Internet usage is increasing, and that leads to the rapid rise in online business. If you (as a business) want to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced, competitive online market and reach the next level, you need to craft a compelling website that your users will love.

And for that, you need a robust web development platform. You should choose the best-in-class CMS like Drupal.

Simple for editors, powerful for administrators, secure, and easily accessible for everyone, With nearly 2 million websites worldwide, Drupal is an open-source CMS platform that small-to-large organizations can use freely. Due to its stringent and one-stop solution attribute, many businesses are leveraging Drupal development services.

13 Reasons Why Large Enterprise Prefer Choosing Drupal Over Any Other CMS

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and scalability matter the most for any business looking to develop a professional website on a larger scale. Drupal is one of the most flexible and scalable CMS for building any type of website. Whether you create news, government, education, enterprise, or NGO websites, Drupal is the right choice. It handles complex pages and high user traffic seamlessly and offers high customization with ease.

Tried and Tested CMS

Drupal is in the market for over a decade now and is still inherently strong. Famous for its power, Drupal is deemed one of the most tried and tested CMS that delivers optimal business results. No wonder why CTOs of big companies often choose Drupal over any other CMS. They analyze and know that Drupal can give them the desired ROI in the long run.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Integrations are vital, especially for e-commerce businesses. One of Drupal’s greatest strengths is that it seamlessly integrates with other solutions and services. Drupal offers large organizations a great opportunity to implement functionality most appropriately. Big giants like Tesla, IBM, Puma, and Motorola have leveraged Drupal’s integration feature and increased their profits.

Exceptional and Unlimited Functionality

You (as a large enterprise business owner) name any functionality, Drupal will be ready with it! Drupal empowers developers with creating even the most complex and specific website features. From the content display, search to security, third-party integrations, SEO, access control, e-commerce functionality, etc. Drupal has everything you need for your business site.

Modern-Day Technology

Drupal is constantly evolving as a CMS. It can easily handle efficient workflows, clean code, and fast performance of your large website. Apart from that, Drupal is also well-known for its impeccable use of the Twig theming engine for its brilliant Drupal theme development and customizations. Plus, it also utilizes the best-known OOP practices and PHP 7 for creating highly creative web pages.

Standards and Best Practices

Being in the industry for over a decade now, Drupal is known for its best practices and standards. However, not all the Drupal web development companies out there use Drupal standards well. That’s why you need to hunt for a Drupal website development company that follows Drupal development standards the right way and guarantees to back the standards-compliant with the best practices for all types of Drupal solutions.

Enterprise Ready

Drupal releases the new version very often and ensures that each version is enterprise-ready. Drupal offers everything corporate clients need, including API first, multilingual, workflow management, versioning, and more. No matter what your business niche is, Drupal comes with many prepackaged features that make it a great choice for any large enterprise.

Multichannel Reach

Do you know that your large business website can be a part of a whole multichannel ecosystem for your brand? With Drupal, you can upscale and fly your brands with wings of a multichannel approach. Your brand can share its content to iOS or Android apps, JavaScript-based web apps, and numerous IoT devices. It follows the “create once, publish anywhere” (COPE) concept that speeds up content management.

Multisite Support

Drupal is a great CMS for a large-size enterprise. I am saying this again and again so that it gets into your subconscious. If you want to create a complex website, Drupal is the one apt solution. Why? Large organizations often need more than one site. Drupal offers a multisite feature that allows you to run multiple sites from the same Drupal installation. You can seamlessly create, manage, and update content from one place.

Easy Content Authoring and Management

When it comes to creating/managing content, Drupal offers intuitive tools that ease the publishing for everyone engaged in supporting online content, be it site administrators, marketers, content managers, and IT professionals. For instance, as a news site owner, you can give writers, editors, and publishers access to the tools that each of them specifically requires.

Outsmart Competitors with SEO

When you use Drupal, the chances of search engines crawling your web content are much higher. Make your website rank higher in search engines and let it be better found by your potential customers through Drupal’s SEO capabilities. Drupal has plenty of built-in and add-on modules that take care of every aspect. From SEO-friendly URLs to keyword optimization, meta tags, XML sitemap, and more, Drupal takes good care of everything with ease.

Excellent Security

Security is a major concern for any business, and it becomes even vital for large-size businesses. Attackers are never sleeping and always strive to brute force in Drupal is a proven, secure CMS that stands up to critical vulnerabilities. Thanks to the vigilant security tea, strong coding standards, a watchful community, and more. Plus, the community and developers also treat security at the highest level in Drupal.

Biggest Dedicated Communities

Drupal’s community is thriving with time. The tagline “come for the software, stay for the community” perfectly fits Drupal. Being one of the biggest open-source online communities, more than one million passionate developers, designers, trainers, strategists, coordinators, editors, sponsors, and others work together towards achieving one goal.

In Conclusion

Choosing Drupal is a safe bet for large businesses. Its manageability, security, and interoperability make it one of the best choices for every business. Plus, its easy integration with third-party apps, mobile, and SEO-friendly architecture makes it the number one platform for creating feature-rich, high-quality enterprise websites. All in all, Drupal is any day a powerful choice for your business, no matter what kind of website solutions you’re looking for. So without any doubt, go for Drupal.

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