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Why PSD to HTML is a New Trend in Website Designing?

Why PSD to HTML in web design
Posted by HTMLPanda

Take a moment to think about the websites you have seen throughout the last few months. User experience and creative design aren’t just extra, we took the time to highlight the new things in HTML website designing & why this is in trend. Let’s explore..

In today’s time, it has become a trend for any website to offer robust functionality and a good user experience accompanied by alluring design. An eye-catchy design encourages users to be more enthusiastic while accessing websites.

Nowadays, with the presence of lots of websites, it is not easy for any business to sustain the competition and bring new audiences. But, a good layout works effectively to bring more customers. PSD to HTML conversion helps you in achieving this easily.

PSD, as we all know, is the Photoshop design that allows the designer to land creative ideas. HTML is the backbone of the website. That codes the website content and demonstrates content on the internet.

Converting PSD to HTML CSS has opened up lots of options for designers/developers/webmasters to present the website with not only the effective layout but also the functional-rich site. Hence, PSD conversion has become the trendiest methodologies for deploying a website.

What are the Steps to Convert PSD to HTML?

Well, PSD to HTML conversion involves the following steps. Take a look.

  • Ensure you have all components in a PSD design
  • Create a list of Tools you are going to use for this conversion
  • Make sure you have PSD files that are ready for conversion
  • Now create an HTML layout
  • Go through every section like header, service, media, etc in detail to markup the HTML

What is a PSD Template Web Page?

A PSD web page template is an uncoded version of the website. It includes all important visual elements such as layout, background, typography, images, videos, etc. without any CSS or HTML.

Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion for Website Design

W3C Compliant

PSD to HTML conversion ensures full compliance of your website with W3C, which is the World Wide Web Consortium used for validating coding standards. In this conversion, professionals perform W3C validation during the process of slicing, writing code, and creating websites.

Robust Functionality

In today’s time, the concept of website creation witnessed an unprecedented change with the fast-paced changing technologies. The introduction of technologies such as 7d animation, AI, parallax web design, etc. changed the entire practices of web design.

In this case, opting for PSD to HTML conversion services lets you leverage the unmatched potential of these emerging technologies to their fullest to get the maximum output of your website.

Improve Loading Speed

No matter how good your website is, it will not be able to attract more traffic in case of having slow loading speed. With PSD to HTML conversion, professionals identify unnecessary code and remove them instantly. These codes occupy space and thus make an adverse impact on your website’s loading speed.

Besides this, professionals also compress the code and images to improve the loading speed of your website and thus improve user experience.

Multi-Browser Accessibility

The biggest USP of the said conversion is that it makes website pages light and thus easy to load. It indicates that light-weight website pages can be accessed through any browser, be it Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, or others.

CMS Integration

When it comes to managing the website content, businesses often face a lot of difficulties in this arena. Thanks to PSD to HTML conversion that lets them get rid of stress and perform the job with quiet efficiency.

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With this conversion, you enjoy the flexibility to choose a wide range of CMS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or others to manage the content quite conveniently.


An SEO-friendly website has a great ability to generate maximum lead and increase business ROI. So, if you are willing to rank your website better in Google and other search engines, you need to include some important factors, like keywords, meta tags, etc. while creating your website.

Professionals performing PSD to HTML conversion consider multiple factors to make your website SEO-friendly. These factors include manual coding, semantic coding, slicing large images into small, etc.


Photoshop Design to HTML conversion is the trendiest solution for the website designing to gain the audience’s attention towards the business. On the ground of beneficial aspects, it will surely rule the website development methodologies.

Hope, that you are now aware of how PSD to HTML is the best technique. If you have any ideas to share, regarding this blog, you can share it through the comment section given below.

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