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9 Things to Consider While Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Business

How to choose a WordPress theme
Posted by HTMLPanda

Choosing a purpose-driven WordPress theme to make your website stand out amid today’s clutter and noise can be quite daunting sometimes. Worry not! This blog talks about crucial things that you should consider selecting a WordPress theme for your business.

It just takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. So indeed, website design has become the most crucial factor these days. Consequently, businesses are hiring a creative website design company to up their design game.

When it comes to web design or selecting themes for your website, you need to think from a visitor’s perspective because your website’s theme (aka design) is what they look at and interact with first. And if they like it, they will surely remember it.

Struggling to choose an apt WordPress theme from the hundreds of thousands of options out there? We understand your dilemma. With so many options, it may feel a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

That’s why you should take the help of a prominent WordPress design agency that can help you choose the best-suited WP theme based on your company’s niche, objective, budget, and various other considerable things. Apart from that, you can also keep a few factors in mind while choosing a WordPress theme for your business.

Before we dig deeper and talk about the factors, let’s talk about why you should choose a WordPress theme and what’s special about that.

Ready? Perfect, let’s get right in!

Why Should You Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Business?

WordPress is the world’s most popular and widely used content management system that powers over 44% of all websites on the internet. Along with that, WordPress has more than 11,000 themes to select from. So no matter what your company’s niche is, you will certainly find an apt WordPress theme for your business among so many options.

WordPress development is booming these days. In fact, merchants nowadays are gravitating towards stunning e-commerce WordPress themes to build eye-grabbing online stores. Having said that, WordPress’ popularity and its themes can help your business achieve a whole new level of heights.

So without any second thought, going with WordPress themes is any day win-win and lucrative move for your business success.

How to Choose a Perfect WordPress Theme? 9 Things to Look For

Look for Simplicity (Simple Is Better)

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing a theme with lots of colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, etc. Remember, simplicity is the key, and that very much applies to choosing a WordPress theme as well. Today’s users want a simple (yet attractive and elegant) website that is easy to navigate and interact with. So choose a theme that conveys your brand message in a simple (and clear) yet persuasive way.

Strive for Customization

You can’t just pick a theme and use it as it is. You need to make some changes as per your business objectives as well as your audience’s needs. Right? For that very reason, you need to pick a WordPress theme that you can easily customize. Most of the WordPress themes are readily customized to some extent. However, you should go beyond basic and pick the theme that can offer maximum customization options.

Go Responsive, No Matter What

Today, mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide (nearly 55% of global web traffic). Considering this shift in usage, having a responsive website that can adjust the layout as per the user’s display size becomes more than crucial. Having said that, you should look for a WordPress theme that is mobile-friendly and fully responsive if you don’t want to lose out on mobile users and stay in the game and even ahead.

Ensure Cross-Browser Compatibility

Let’s admit that users are everywhere; they are switching among different web browsers. And to keep up with them, your website needs to be compatible with all the prevalent browsers as well. That said, go with a WP theme that looks and works flawlessly on all the browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others. Test the theme before making it your business’s theme.

Must Support Popular Plugins

The real power of WordPress lies within plugins. WordPress is a goldmine of plugins. Plugins help you add all the crucial functionalities your website needs to compete. From social sharing to contact forms, SEO, and more, WP offers plugins for almost everything. So look for the WordPress theme that is fully compatible with all the popular WordPress plugins, including Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, etc.

Pick SEO-Packed Theme

SEO is of utmost importance in today’s digital era. You can’t imagine a website being successful that is not SEO-packed. If you want your website to be found by your potential audience on search engines, you need to emphasize SEO. With that said, ensure that the WordPress theme you choose is fully SEO-optimized and adheres to the latest SEO guidelines. To double-check, you can even run some tests and validate the same.

Look for Translation + Multilingual Ready

If you want to target and reach a global audience, you need to convey your brand message in their native language. Agreed? For that, you need to have a website that is multilingual or can be easily translated accordingly. Select a WordPress theme that is translation-ready as well as supports multiple languages. This will help you have a website that can easily be accessible worldwide by anyone and everyone, irrespective of the language known.

Lay Stress on Price

Budget concerns a lot of people, especially startups. Having said that, some WordPress themes are free; however, for some themes, you need to pay some money. So depending on your business needs and goals, choose the theme that works just fine for you. Plan how much you’re willing to spend on a theme, and then pick a premium theme accordingly. We advise you not to go for free themes if you’re thinking of developing a professional website.

Check Out Reviews and Ratings

While choosing a WP theme, you need to look for ratings and reviews to ensure you’re picking the right theme for your website. It’s obvious that a best-in-class theme that ticks all the right boxes would have an overwhelming number of positive reviews and better ratings. Also, with premium themes, you will find some customer reviews that can help you understand better about that particular theme.

Final Thought

Yes, choosing a WordPress theme can be quite overwhelming and tedious. However, if you know your business’s objectives and your audience’s needs, you can choose the right WordPress theme. We hope this post helped you understand the things you need to consider while choosing a WP theme for your business.

Choosing the wrong WP theme can break your game; however, picking the right theme can make your website. So invest some time and choose wisely.

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