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Top 9 Reasons Why Drupal Remains a Leading CMS in 2021

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Are you looking to have a successful website in 2021 and beyond? It would be best if you have a potent CMS like Drupal. In this blog, we have listed the top nine reasons why Drupal is the strongest option and will remain a forefront CMS on the market in 2021.

The digital landscape is changing, and so are users’ demands. Nowadays, users are demanding faster, personalized, friendly, and secure websites to engage with. Content plays a huge role in making a website successful. Your business needs a web content management system (CMS) that keeps pace with ever-changing customer needs. Drupal always tops the list when it comes to content-oriented content management solutions.

Per W3Techs, Drupal is used by 2.4% of all websites whose content management system. Drupal is a highly adopted CMS from small companies to large enterprises. Over the years, Drupal has evolved from a simple web development tool to a powerful digital platform for enterprises globally. Drupal delivers promises with great innovations. This is what every enterprise, irrespective of size, looks for in a CMS.

Is Drupal the Demanding CMS?

Today, the demand for Drupal development services is increasing day by day. With over 1.7 million websites, Drupal is rapidly growing over the past decade, and that is a great reason you should choose Drupal for your web development in 2021. People are demanding Drupal more. Even some large companies such as Arizona, Mint, The Economist, and the NY Government are running on Drupal flawlessly and successfully.

What Makes Drupal the Best CMS for Every Business in 2021?

9 Incredible Traits You Need, and Drupal Has

Open-Source Community

Drupal supports an open-source community like none other. Because of its large community of developers and open-sourced nature, numerous plug-and-play ready modules are available for free. You’ll be the owner of your code and data. Rather than a single organization pushing code in a particular direction, you can find utterly creative and unique code libraries if you go with Drupal development.

Easily and Deeply Customizable

As mentioned, Drupal is an open-source CMS. It is versatile than any other CMS. Its core code is accessible to all the developers out there. You can hire Drupal developers and get the code customized as per your specific requirements. Having said that, Drupal offers hundreds of free themes and design templates to create a stunning and attractive website tailored to your business needs.

Highly Scalable CMS

Drupal CMS offers great scalability. It seamlessly handles high traffic. The web pages of Drupal-based sites are automatically cached with the default setting configuration, which can also be manually cached for a particular time. Drupal migration to the latest version increases the scope of scaling your website immensely. Whether it’s sudden traffic surges on special occasions or regular web traffic, Drupal takes care of all with absolute ease.

Personalized User Experiences

If you are looking to create a customer-centric experience in 2021, Drupal is your way to go CMS. These days, customers want a website that can let them experience that the site is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Today, your website should meet the needs of your visitors. Your website must persuade them to purchase from the very moment your webpage loads. That said, several built-in and contributed modules supercharge Drupal, making it the highly personalized CMS of all time.

SEO-Packed CMS

Semantic structure plays a vital role in making any content great. Drupal’s metatag module allows content managers to add meta tags to the website automatically. This metatag module also enables to shape up the content on social media sites with the help of APIs. Additionally, Drupal comes with an SEO tool suite for optimization, analysis, and reporting. This makes SEO management drastically easier for content managers.

Highly Extensible via APIs

Access to robust APIs is one of the essential key elements of modern CMS needs. Drupal is so open to API integrations. It has extensive documentation and a well-described API. The extensible APIs allow you to enhance and integrate with all steps of the customer journey. The latest Drupal versions have all the APIs you need, such as RESTful Web Services API, JSON API, Render API, and Translation API.

Meets E-Commerce Needs

Drupal is a CMS that stays in step with new sales and customer engagement technologies. E-commerce is another area in which Drupal excels. Drupal has been seamlessly integrated into companies’ commerce platforms, including Tesla, IBM WebSphere, Puma, and Motorola, to drive sales through better customer interactions.

Built-in Support for Multi-Language Sites

Drupal comes with built-in support for multi-language functionality. This means Drupal gives you the power to translate your site content or have the language displayed on your website shift depending on the users’ geographic location. The advantage of these Drupal translation modules is that it can appear as an option at the top of the page and is therefore easily accessible to the customer. This feature helps you target people from all over the world, irrespective of the language they speak.

Highly-Secure Platform

Security has become the first and foremost concern for websites these days. No worries! Drupal is the perfect CMS that offers incredibly strong security capabilities for your website and ensures your site is well-secure from any possible hack. Drupal releases security updates and patches regularly to assure optimal site security. Drupal also provides references to guide the user in making a website more secure.


Drupal is a free and versatile CMS that comes with loads of innovative features needed for your website in today’s competitive age. If you want to win a competitive advantage over others in 2021, leverage Drupal’s extensive range of advantages right away and build your dream website. There is no doubt that Drupal as a CMS will rule in 2021 and even beyond.

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