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Top 7 Useful Magento Extensions for Your Online Store [Updated List]

Top 7 Magento Extensions
Posted by HTMLPanda

Running an e-commerce store in today’s competitively-driven market is not easy at all. To make your online store work seamlessly and successfully, we have gathered the list of the top 10 best Magento extensions you should consider adding to your store today.

Have you heard about one of the most popular e-commerce platforms worldwide that can power your online store? Yes, we are talking about Magento. It is still the top choice among merchants and e-commerce development companies due to its unique offerings. In fact, Magento powers popular e-commerce websites retailers like Nike, Olympus, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Landrover, Ford, and many others.

Suppose you want a successful website like Nike, Ford, and others mentioned above. In that case, you should definitely look for reliable Magento website development services that not only develop secure and customized Magento e-commerce solutions — but also ensure to render advanced Magento development standards to improve your store traffic and ultimately maximize your sales.

You must be thinking, if Magento is a power-packed, ready-to-use e-commerce platform, and above all, performs extremely well, then why do you need extensions? Well, every merchant has different expectations from their e-commerce business. The Magento community cannot fulfill every merchant’s expectation in their solution because a feature required by one might be completely useless for another. However, extensions fulfill all the needs.

So, again, do you need extensions to run a successful online Magento store? Yes, you do, and you know why.

Extensions not only enable you to run a successful online store, but they streamline all your e-commerce store’s operations, make most of the things automatic, and enhance your online store’s performance. All in all, extensions help you optimize your Magento store for improved conversion.

But what exactly are the best Magento extensions you should start leveraging from today onwards? Let’s find out!

7 Best-In-Class Magento Extensions for Your E-Commerce Store


Google has become everyone’s way-to-go for searching anything. Searching outside Google sounds strange these days. The same goes for a website, especially when it comes to e-commerce stores. If customers don’t find what they are looking for, they will move away from your store.

That’s where the Elasticsearch extension comes into play. This extension enhances the search’s relevance and will let you improve your customers’ experience by a mile.

Key Features:

  • Data Storage Flexibility
  • Scalability and Resilience
  • Full-Text Search Option
  • Plugins and Integrations
  • Easy Lifecycle Management
  • Optimum Security
  • Integrated Various APIs
  • Backed with Advanced Machine Learning

Two Factor Authentication

Security has become a major concern these days. Thus, it becomes vital to secure your Magento e-commerce store. Two-factor authentication (aka two-step verification and dual-factor authentication) has become the easiest, quickest, and safest way of log in these days.

It ensures the security of online accounts beyond a username and password. Two Factor authentication extension will help you protect your Magento store by requiring you to add extra security information while logging into the back office.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with All Devices
  • Compatible with Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo Mobile, Etc.
  • Easy to Use with Great Security Improvement
  • Compatible with All Magento Versions
  • Magento Back-End Protection Against Unauthorized Logins
  • Disable Two-Factor Authentication for Known IP Addresses

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a service offered by Google, allowing marketers to easily and quickly update tags and code snippets on websites intended for traffic analysis and marketing optimization. Google Tag Manager extension lets you use other important Google services like Google Adwords and Google Analytics from one place only. It is quick and easy to install and also improves the website’s performance.

Key Features:

  • Track and Check Analytics on Google
  • Integrate Facebook Pixel into your store
  • Track Product View, Category View, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, Product Search, etc.
  • Easy Access to Manage the Module Configurations by the Admin Panel

Special Promotions

Special discounts and promotions always attract customers, thus helping in bolstering sales. It’s always good to promote products personally because it has a better chance of conversion, thus increasing loyalty. The “Special Promotions” Magento extension helps you create discounts and promotions for your brand and attract customers considering factors such as customers’ DOB, purchase history, etc.

Key Features:

  • Create Promotions for All Items
  • Apply Fixed or Percent Discounts
  • Offers Promos Based on the Spent Amount
  • Provides Customers with Free Products
  • Adjusts Special Deals with Quantity Steps


Customers tend to abandon shopping carts because of slow speed, the complexity of form filling, etc. It’s important to streamline your checkout and make the flow as easy as possible if you want to increase your online store revenue. OneStepCheckout extension can get you more sales out of your existing traffic. This extension allows you to streamline your checkout flow to one page, removing distractions and obstacles and make the checkout process extremely easy for customers.

Key Features:

  • One Single Checkout Page
  • Optimized Checkout Page
  • Secure Checkout Process
  • Availability of Different Payment Methods
  • Enabled with Auto-Fill Option
  • Easy Customization Options


Offering a live chat feature to your customers can do wonders for your Magento e-commerce store. It helps resolve your customers’ problems in real-time, building trust and reliability among customers towards your brand.

LiveChat Magento extension listens to your customers’ issues and leaves them with utmost satisfaction by resolving every issue. This extension is simple and easy to integrate. Give it a try and enhance your customers’ experience.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Template for Pre-Created Response
  • Easy Chat Customization Option
  • Supports Various Reports and Analytics
  • Packed with Visitors Tracking Option
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Facebook Messenger, Etc.
  • Well Encrypted

FedEx Shipping Manager

FedEx is known for its overnight shipping service that can also track packages and provide real-time updates on package location. With the FedEx Shipping Manager Magento extension, store admins can cover FedEx freight shipping’s various aspects.

It makes it easier for you to perform a range of functionalities, including tracking live shipping rates, offering a range of delivery options, managing shipment, and tracking. All you have to do is to integrate this extension, and you are good to go.

Key Features:

  • FedEx Label Creation Option
  • Enabled Notification Options
  • Track Live Shipping Rates
  • Shipment Management
  • Tracking Option

Final Words

There you go. Now you have the seven best Magento extensions that will surely make a bigger difference in your online store and help you stand apart from the crowd. These extensions will transform your e-commerce store into a money-making entity. Include these extensions into your Magento store today, improve performance, increase engagement, and get more conversions.

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