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Tips For A Successful Mobile Friendly Email Campaign

Mobile Friendly Email Campaign
Posted by HTMLPanda

As 68% of email campaigns being opened on a mobile device, So it’s important for every marketer today to rethink their email marketing strategy. In this blog, we’re sharing some top tips for a successful email campaign.

With the skyrocketing usage of mobile in the digital world, marketers have started coming up with mobile-friendly emails. The inclusion of mobile-friendly design in emails leads to clear, legible, and easy to understand the text.

Responsive email templates conversion services help in the formation of emails that look and function great regardless of where consumers access it. As per the stats, 66% of the people read emails on their mobile devices. The number may vary from time to time, but it shows that a considerable portion of subscribers open up the emails you send on their phones.

Practical Tips to Follow for a Mobile-Friendly Email-Marketing Campaign

Understand Your Audience

Before investing time, effort, and money into mobile-marketing design, it is crucial to understand your audiences. You should follow the demographics of customers, their mail-viewing pattern, the type of device they are using to browse emails.

Adobe campaign’s report reveals 69% of consumers who view emails while watching TV, 79% sneak when on vacation, and 3% check in the middle of the night. However, each customer is different, and so are the behavioral patterns associated with them. So, for making your mobile design stand out, it is important to conceptualize the needs of consumers.

Use a Clear, Concise and Unique CTA

To make an email campaign successful, it is essential to be concise both in design and content. Elaborating on mobile is a stupid decision. According to a survey, it has been revealed that respondents prefer short emails that do not distract them.

To keep that in view, all you need to do is design a straightforward CTA that is easy-to-tap. It should be appealing enough to grab and lead customers to purchase something from you. When it comes to placing the CTA, you should try keeping it on the top to make it the most mobile-friendly. It ensures the maximum clickability by making things less complicated. Just make sure to design a CTA that is loud and clear.

Using single columns

When designing an email for mobile, the use of a single column is encouraged. Similarly, three columns should also be avoided. A single-column layout ensures flexibility across email clients and devices. The use of intricate design not only gives an unappealing layout but also distracts consumers, thereby resulting in lesser conversions.

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Keep the Font Size Little Higher

The increase in the size of the font can result in improving comprehension and readability. There are devices such as the iPhone that automatically resize the text, and some enforce people to expand screens and make the font size readable. So, to reduce the extra effort, it is good to keep the font size of 14 pixels for the body and 22 pixels for the header. Another way is to go for em or percent coding that makes the text mobile-friendly.

Wise Use of Whitespace

The structure and appeal of mobile content get accelerated when it is appropriately placed. To give the text some breathing space, you need to use all the whitespaces wisely, and you need to put it around links to occupy the whitespace and make it appear more approachable.

Ensure Testing

The different variations of emails should be tested to ensure accessibility and compatibility on various browsers and devices. The usage of tools like Litmus, Email on Acid, PutsMail is encouraged. With such tools, mails can be viewed across every email client.

Wrapping it Up:

Email campaigning on mobile ain’t complicated. All you need is having the right strategies in hand, analyzing data, understanding your audience to craft a mobile-friendly email campaign.

Consulting a reputed PSD to Email conversion provider can simplify your task by delivering email designs that are consistent, cross-browser and cross-device compatible.

So, take the time out in understanding your emails and then craft a one for mobile use to increase click-through and open rates of your business website.

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